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Usain Bolt could have to step down from retaining his Gold!

Soon after good news that almost kept all the Usain Bolt fans happy, something shocking came up! Yes, you must be as shocked as me to hear this but Usain might have to step down from retaining one of his Gold medals earned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics! Yes and the news have come out shockingly to stir off the Gold from Usain Bolt. Now you must be guessing why so? Well, let me just get you clarified! The incident happened just a few days back when one of his 4X100 teammate for the Beijing Olympics 2008 tested positive for consuming banned substances!


Now, this may bring Usain into terrible trouble as one of his hard earned gold medals could be snatched away! However, it was Nesta Carter who was involved in consuming the banned substances. This infact could bring a cloud over Jamaica’s triumph in the athletics division. Nesta was the first to start the race which led to Usain in the third spot! However, Jamaica just went on to achieve the first place in the event! The sample submitted by Carter was found to be containing certain traces of methylhexaneamine! Now according to the sources, a small amount of it was also found in Carter’s sample among all the Olympians who submitted the samples.


The 2008 team of the Jamaicans competing in the 4X100 relay consisted of Usain Bolt, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Asafa Powell! However, this might be a certain bad news for the rest of the groups as the athletes of the country will be deeply hurt if the medals are taken away. However, even with the sad news, it was sure to be not affecting Usain’s performance throughout the globe. However, there was some amount of lights that came back into the highlights as the American sprinter Marion Jones was also facing the similar issue. However, it just allowed the other team members of the country to keep their medals.


We all believed that the issue would be helping Usain to retain his medal even if the Olympic Association snatches the medal of Carter. However, if this happens, surely there will be many questions up against the Jamaican Athletics team, and there will be a lot of bluffs too!  Coming back to the record of Usain in 2016, Olympics, he won Gold in all the three events of 100-meter sprint, 200-meter sprint, and the 4X100 meter sprint. However, Usain missed out the chances of setting a new WR but still he did manage to snatch the Gold from the mouth of others! Indeed it was something which everyone loved to see Usain grab!

Usain has won every individual competition he has taken part in the International events. Apart from this, Usain has won 9 Gold medals in all the events he has taken part in. This was probably one of the best records he has set with his name included in the entire world Records of 100-meter sprint, 200-meter sprint, and 4X100 meter relay! We would love to see more from him!

By: Shalini Mukherjee

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