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Using Google Images to Boost E-commerce Sales

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When it comes to increasing website traffic and boosting sales, the focus is usually on getting listed in the first page of search engine results. Digital marketing campaigns utilize SEO strategies to achieve this objective, which have delivered good results in the past. However, there’s plenty of competition in getting to the first page of popular search engines such as Google. This is why digital marketers are now looking at alternative options that can deliver equally good results. One of these alternatives is the use of Google Images to increase lead generation and boost online sales. This trend is evident in the e-commerce space, where an increasing number of businesses are awakening to the benefits of using Google Images.

Google now has more than a trillion images in its database and it’s growing every day. Moreover, the recent change that prompts users to visit the webpage, rather than viewing the image directly, is advantageous for e-commerce firms. Here’s how e-commerce businesses can make the best possible use of Google Images to boost online sales.

Add relevant file name and alt tags: Research studies have revealed that more than 70 percent of online buyers search for visual content before buying stuff online. A lot of these searches are conducted on Google Images, which is why it has become vitally important for e-commerce businesses. Product images that have relevant file names and alt tags will make it easier for search engines to classify them and give them priority in search results. Users landing on the product page via a Google Image search will significantly increase the possibility of sales.

Use attractive and unique images:Google Image search may generate thousands of images for users based on the queried keyword. With so many options, it is unlikely that the user will click on something that looks ordinary. Users need to be given the right motivation to click on a particular image, something that can be achieved if the image is unique and attractive.Images that stand out are bound to be noticed by users, which will eventually help increase website traffic and online sales.

Utilizeimagesprovided by users: Most potential customers will look for user-submitted images before finalizingtheir purchase decision. Actual product images submitted by verified customers can help generate trust and confidence among the target audience. These images act as tangible proof that the product is in fact the same as displayed on the product page.

Last but not least, e-commerce businesses should focus on reducing load time of images. High-resolution images are desirable, but if the file size is too big, it may take a long time to load on Google Image search. This will defeat the purpose of gettingranked higher in Google Image search. With the right balance of good quality images and faster load time, the potential for clicks and sales can be improved. Digital marketing campaigns that follow these guidelines will be in a better position to achievetheir targeted goals.

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