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V-Guard’s Crystal series Stabilizers ensure extra protection for your sensitive LED TVs

Chennai: As the festive season witnesses robust sales of large-screen televisions and upgrade to smart LED TVs, demand for specifically suitable voltage stabilizer is also on the rise. To cater to the needs of consumers India’s leading stabilizer manufacturer V-Guard has launched a series of feature-rich voltage stabilizers to safeguard LED TV sets. Latest in the lineup is the Crystal 150 Prime LED TV stabilizer which is an effective protection system with a host of essential features providing powerful functionality.

This stabilizer comes with a spike protection mechanism, which safeguards the connected load and ensures that LED TVs last long. This product is an ideal choice to protect Smart TVs up to 203 cm, set top box and home theatre/gaming console from voltage fluctuations and supply related threats.

With a 4A capacity, the Crystal 150 Prime LED TV stabilizer is consistently powerful and is further secured by a smart voltage correction feature, which keeps a safe voltage input for connected load. This protects LED TVs and connected gadgets from even short voltage fluctuations which can cause significant damage to the equipment. The digital display system of the Crystal 150 Prime gives complete visibility into voltage levels, enabling consumers to monitor them at all times. With an elegant and distinct design, the stabilizer sets itself apart from others. This wall-mountable stabilizer would add extra charm to your entertainment room. The Crystal 150 Prime comes with a three-year warranty and ensures protection for a long time.

V-Guard, the pioneer in stabilizers & also India’s largest selling stabilizer brand, has six variants of digital stabilizers in Crystal series specifically designed as a protection gear for entertainment gadgets like LED TV, Smart TV and 3D television sets.


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