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VakilSearch to offer ISO 9001 Certification and FSSAI License Registration

An Effortless Means To FSSAI Licensing Created By VakilSearch


The intellects behind the legal solutions provider, VakilSearch, have come up with a painless method to get an FSSAI Licence.

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The autonomous authority, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI, was established under the FSSAI Act of 2006 by the Government of India. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Presently, any business in the food or beverage sector has to register with the FSSAI. The industries included are distribution, packaging, processing, or manufacturing.

An FSSAI licensed business proves that they comply with the regulations and guidelines set by the body. Besides being mandatory for specific categories, the FSSAI food license brings with it many benefits. The most crucial of which is the trust of customers, clients, and patrons. With an FSSAI license, individuals trust the business to provide only superior quality food, which builds a long-lasting relationship.

VakilSearch uses a three-step process for FSSAI license. They collect all the paperwork required to fill the right forms. They verify your documents to remove inaccuracies and then fill the application.

The method of acquiring an FSSAI license is not just long but also requires a lot of paperwork. The basic license alone can take up to 30 days, the majority of which includes the wait-period. The wait-period is a 20-day limit in which the government considers the application. At VakilSearch, we’ve created a process that helps attain the license in the shortest time-frame possible. By double checking the forms before submitting, we reduce any time wasted on correction,” states a company representative.

When questioned on how VakilSearch abets in making the process simpler, the representative noted, “After the forms are submitted, government authorities ask questions and conduct a follow-up. VakilSearch assists in both. We not only resolve any questions that are put forth but also facilitate the food department check-up.”

The legal services provider has broadened the horizons for food businesses by supporting the ISO 9001 Certification process, too.

VakilSearch Brings an Unproblematic Method of ISO Certification

The means of obtaining an ISO 9001 certification is riddled with obstacles. VakilSearch streamlines it as much as possible for quicker certification.

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ISO is an international, independent organisation that guarantees that a service or product sold or produced meets with global standards. A business with an ISO certification tells their customer that their product/service complies with top-notch quality benchmarks. Gaining an ISO certification is of utmost value to businesses as it provides leverage over competitors. The right certification can boost sales to a considerable degree.

The VakilSearch spokesman notes, “While an FSSAI license is crucial to business who target the Indian market, the ISO certification is immensely beneficial for the global market. It is the one tool that can put your brand or good at level with other worldwide competitors. The help VakilSearch provides for certification is not limited to filling a form or finding an ISO registrar. We also build a comprehensive policy standard so that the business doesn’t face any glitches later on.

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