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Vanilla Pannacotta

Vanilla Pannacotta

Ingredients    Quantity

  • Heavy cream      500 ml
  • Castor Sugar      60 grams
  • Vanilla pod         1 bean
  • Gelatin                 8 grams

Mango Agar

  • Mango Puree                         250 ml
  • Castor sugar                           30 grams
  • Agar agar                                 2 grams         


  • Bloom the gelatin in ice cold water.
  • Bring the cream, sugar and vanilla pod in a pan to boil.
  • Let it sit for few hours to infuse.
  • Bring it again to boil.
  • Add the gelatin and strain the mix.
  • Set aside to cool.
  • Pour onto bowl and refrigerate to set.
  • Scoop the centre and place the passion agar.

Mango agar

  • Bring all the ingredients in a pan to boil.
  • Pour the mixture onto the mould and allow to set aside.

By: Chef Ranjan Rajani, Executive Chef Hotel Sahara

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