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Various Metals used in Artificial Jewellery making and their Importance

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When it comes to jewellery the materials that come to our minds are mostly silver, gold, platinum, diamond or pearl, etc. However the scenario is changed now and junk jewellery or artificial jewellery has become the trendsetter. There was a time when the middle or lower class yearned to have beautiful jewellery at an affordable price and that is when imitation jewelery came into their rescue.

Do you know what are the materials being used in artificial jewellery making?

Well you will be surprised to hear that they are made from simple metals, plastic, glass, and fake or artificial stone; sometimes precious gems and stones are used in case of valuable jewellery. Materials like leather, bone and horn, brass, beads, resin, terracotta, stainless steel, clay, shells, etc. are used. Isn’t this pretty amazing?

Now let me tell you about its liking and advantages.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a middle-aged lady or a college going girl, artificial jewellery is available for a wide range of variety. These eye catching jewelleries are designed with exotic materials and innovative ideas. The beautifully glass cut jewellery, sterling silver pendants, or even shell jewellery are very popular these days. The artificially curated flower jewelleries are in great demand for wedding functions. Attractive cartoon designs and embossed letters are a craze among young girls.

Artificial jewellery is not only limited to special occasions but available for daily use too serving a large number of designs and materials to choose from. They are available for all kinds of festivities and functions and can be matched with modern as well as traditional outfits satisfying everybody’s personal taste. From bangles to earrings, to nose-pins to armlets, necklaces to anklets and even from finger-rings to toe they are available in all varieties. All these are available in forms of antique jewellery, oxidized, silver and gold-plated, stone-studded and many more that will leave you in a state of awe and all confused. You will find yourself in state of bewilderment, as which one to select.

Where to find these amazing stuffs?

Funky jewelleries are available in every part of the country now and the most amazing part they are now sold online too. They are so highly in demand globally that Asian countries like India, China export artificial jewellery to the USA, Australia and even UK. Junk jewellery is in tremendous preference now and the chief reason behind this is because of wide range of variety in colors and array of designs, light weightiness and of course the most important aspect –affordabilty.

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