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Vehicle Tracking Software: A manager who can administer transport trade

vehicle tracking

If you are a transporter and your fleet of vehicles are handed over to drivers, it is natural that you would be worry about the health of your cars or trucks. The scare of misuse and carelessness about the safety of vehicle always haunts automobile owner.  There are series of worries that a transporter has to counter while running a transport company. 

Meanwhile, the advent of technology has addressed the transporters woes. There are numbers of ‘vehicle tracking software’ which give a core solution of multiple issues related to take care of fleet of vehicles.  

These fleet management software are powerful, flexible and vigilant enough to meet the needs of transporters so that they can grow their business. 

The fleet management software not only tracks truck/car, but it also helps making the profit most out of vehicles as it reduces the need to maximize the budget. 

Irrespective of types of vehicles- tow trucks, utility trucks, car, SUB or others, the software addresses all worries like- whether the vehicles are on the right route or not; whether they are at the place where they supposed to be or not. Moreover, it always creates concerns that whether the drivers are using the fleet of vehicles safely and efficiently or not. 

The GPS fleet tracking software provides tools to help in maintenance of your vehicles which enables you to run an efficient, safe and effective fleet.

The robust GPS software has all required features to run commercial fleet. Here are salient features of GPS fleet management software-

Reduce Fuel Waste:

The software reduces fuel bills by monitoring idling, speeding, aggressive driving, wasted mileage and after-hours usage.

Speeding Alert:

GPS software alerts when the vehicle goes over-speed. It’s quickly response to eliminate wasted fuel lowers safety risks and minimizes insurance premiums.

Guide For Better Driving

The software betters driving behavior by keeping a watch on jackrabbit starts, speeding, harsh braking and mistreatments with vehicles buttons.

Mapping Of Driver

The GPS fleet tracking software finds the closest driver to a destination minimizing the waste of time and fuel. The software optimizes travel routes.

Quick Alerts (Real Time):

The software sends quick notification within no time a vehicle reaches its destination. It also sends real time data of monitoring speed and idling times, and detected-hours usage.

Mobile Applications:

The software can not only be used as web on computer or laptop but also as mobile Apps. It can be downloaded on Android and Apple iOS phones.

Identification Of Driver:

The software enables transport owner to know who is driving the vehicle at all times, and cross check the start and end times managing supplement timesheets.

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