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Venkaiah Naidu speaks in support of Hindi as national language

In a statement that could create another controversy, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said today that Hindi is a must for national integration. Naidu was speaking at an event organized in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. “Hindi is our national language, our identity and we should be proud of it,” Mr. Naidu said. Naidu also expressed his disappointment over recent trends wherein people are becoming obsessed with English. He opined that such obsession to a foreign language is not good for the country’s progress.

“It is unfortunate that everyone is bent upon learning English because it guarantees employment. Hence I want the nation to discuss, promote and learn our mother languages more and at the same time learn Hindi as well,” Mr. Naidu said. Naidu further said that people should give preference to their mother languages and learn Hindi as well since Hindi is spoken by the majority of the population.

However, opposition leaders were quick to criticize Naidu’s statement. Some opposition leaders pointed out that Naidu himself speaks mostly English, so what is the point he was trying to make. It may be recalled that regional political parties have often accused the center of promoting Hindi, but this charge has been denied by the center.

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