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Venkaiah Naidu warns Pakistan against supporting terror; reminds about 1971 war

In a scathing attack against Pakistan, NDA’s Vice Presidential candidate M. Venkaiah Naidu warned Pakistan about funding and supporting terror activities. Naidu warned Pakistan when he was addressing the annual Kargil Parakram Parade, which is organized every year in remembrance of soldiers who were killed in the 1999 war with Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir. Naidu pointed out to the 1971 between India and Pakistan, in which Pakistan had suffered a humiliating defeat. Several thousands of Pakistani soldiers were captured in the 1971 war and it had paved the way for the independence of Bangladesh, which was earlier a part of Pakistan.

“Our neighbor should understand that aiding and abetting terror will not help them, they should recall what happened in 1971… Terrorism is the enemy of humanity, it has no religion,” Naidu said. Naidu also targeted Pakistan for mixing terrorism with religion, and said that Pakistan was following this depraved policy since a very long time now. He said that such tactics will not work since Kashmir is an integral part of India. He said that not even an inch of Kashmir will be ceded. Naidu also said that India has always stood for peace and would expect Pakistan to leave its confrontationist attitude and work towards peace in the Kashmir valley.

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