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Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor lost his cool on Twitter

This is not the first time when Bollywood celebrity lost his coolness on social media. As social media is a good way to connect with fans of Bollywood celebs. But sometimes it also become a cause which can spoil their relationship. This is what happened with the veteran actor “Rishi Kapoor”.

Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor lost his cool on TwitterRecently he posted a quiz on Twitter and asked the twitterati to guess the answer of a question between him and Karan Johar. Some gave the correct answer but some people made fun of this quiz by sarcasm and bad commenting.
Rishi Kapoor gave them all a back troll and sent a direct Message (DMs) to all all sarcasm. After a DMs he has Also blocked all abusers.
Well, People are trolling him badly on social media for his abusement. What you guys think about it tell us you thought by leaving a comment in comment box.


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