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Views of Ms. Geetha Kannan, Managing Director, Anita Borg Institute India

According to Ms. Geetha Kannan, Managing Director, Anita Borg Institute India, “International Women’s day is important as it celebrates the significant contributions women are making to our economic and social landscape. It is encouraging to see the strides we are making at empowering women at all levels and this day is a good reminder to keep the momentum going, as there is a lot more to do! The theme of this International Women’s Day, ‘Make It Happen’ is very relevant. If we really have to push this agenda of advancing women, we need to address one of the biggest issues women continue to face at the workplace – which is stereotyping.

There has to be a shift in our mindsets. We need to start viewing each other as individuals and not as men and women. The capability and intelligence of women has to stop being questioned on the basis of their gender and the focus has to be on giving equal opportunities.  Technology is a driving force in all our lives today. With close to half the population in our world and in India being women, we need to recognize the importance of including women in building the technology our world needs. Women are vital to the innovation process and we require ample opportunities and support to ensure that the creators of technology mirror the people and societies who use it.”

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