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Viral Marketing – the future of Marketing

Viral Marketing is growing

Like it, despise it, detest it – Viral Marketing is ubiquitous and here to stay. The key differentiator of Viral Marketing is that it offers a lot of flexibility and cash leverage. On one hand there are big corporations investing on the same via multimillion dollar campaigns, on the other hand there are also small start ups that are using the power of Social Networking and Internet (primarily) to generate interest and create a buzz around their offerings.

Viral Marketing – getting out of hand

The beauty of Viral Marketing lies in the fact that once you unleash it, you retain minimal control over the same and the campaign automatically unfolds itself. Sure, there are expectations that every company (and the agency attached to it) will have, and therefore things are monitored to see that they are on track. But nevertheless, the amount of control in viral marketing is very restricted. Therefore in cases where-in the campaign gets out of hand, there is usually very little that can be done about it, except to try and tone it down or put an end to it.

Going viral

If the advertising world is to continue its quest into viral marketing, it needs to remember the importance attached to steering those that are interested in the ad towards the company that produced it. Unlike the internet, where if you like the ad you just click to the company, viewers need to be prompted and motivated into taking that next step towards finding your company, and old-fashioned methods such as brand strength combined with modern methods such as social networking need to combine if they are to turn virtual adverts into physical sales.

How can going viral help you?

It seems to be every marketing team’s mission to make a video good enough to catch on like wildfire. Why it is so important? It’s simple. Getting a video to go viral will help you get more exposure for your company or your product. If you have a website or blog, you will receive more traffic. If you have other videos on your channel, you will get more views. Do you write a blog that nobody is reading? You’ll get more followers and more feedback from people.Going viral is a way to get a lot of attention without spending a lot on a full-scale marketing campaign and advertising. All that is needed to grab attention is good, relevant content and your logo or message at the beginning or end of the video directing people to where you want them to go. The harder part is figuring out how to make your video go viral.

 By: Annie steffi Sydney

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