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Virtual reality, transmedia, publications and key new digital journalism, on the second day of FICOD

  • The central day of FICOD has been dedicated to virtual reality, with the presentation of the COO of Oculus, the transmedia experience Invizimals and change posed by new technologies in the publishing world.

  • Speaking at the afternoon session, Urs Cete discussed some key questions that any entrepreneur should be made ​​before launching a new business, highlighting the leadership, innovation and competitive advantage as three criteria are highly valued by investors.

  • In FICOD financing various projects have been presented to highlight the potential of the Spanish digital content industry and its ability to innovate.

Seminario periodismo online

Madrid, December 3, 2014. – The second day of FICOD 2014 has begun with a highlight: the presentation of Laird Malamed, COO of Oculus, one of the most important companies in the world of virtual reality. During his speech, Malamed has developed the business model based on the “Crowd Lifting” strategy of relying on the community of followers to consolidate, using the formula “us & them, we form a giant”. The “Crowd Lifting” is based on communicating not only marketing issues, but all kinds of useful and practical information; constantly listening to the community; be an open and total availability for users and eventually business, maintain an honest and sincere attitude with them.

The seminar devoted to analyzing the journalist’s role in the new digital environment has been one of the most anticipated moments of the day. In this roundtable, which introduced Teresa Cruz, Director of Communications at, participated Montserrat Domínguez, editor of The Huffington Post; Borja Bergareche, Editorial Director of Innovation Vocento; Ignacio Escolar, director and founder of , and Gaston Roitberg, multimedia editor of the Argentine newspaper La Nacion.

During the debate, has been put on the table the importance of mobile access to information by users and the need to continue having good journalists produce quality information. It is not only count, but give context to the news. As a general conclusion, have stressed the need to verify the information that users demand from social networks with the media diffuse across platforms. They have also agreed about the figure data analyst job as currently most demanding by digital newsrooms.

In the afternoon session, Urs Cete, CEO of Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments has focused on the prospects for financing innovative projects. During his speech, Cete discussed some key questions that any entrepreneur should be made ​​before launching a new business, highlighting the leadership, innovation and competitive advantage as three criteria are highly valued by investors. Cete top investment has emerged as those based on the next generation of television, publishing technology, content and e-commerce.

Transmedia: the Invizimals phenomenon

To analyze the transmedia world in which the user enjoys a multiplatform experience has been submitted for Invizimals, blockbuster phenomenon that has succeeded for its ability to be extrapolated to any medium (animated series, video games, cards and toys) . They have intervened various representatives of the companies involved in this saga. Toni Garcia, BRB International, stressed that this product “identification is key: our protagonists have to be children.” Daniel Sánchez Crespo, Novarama, stressed that if a story works “is because it generates an emotional response.” Joan Hortal, Panini Spain, pointed to the platform to justify the success of the series, also from the business segment. Juan Jimenez, Sony Computer Entertainment Spain has defined the product “as a gift” and bases its success on technological innovation. Meanwhile, Marti Cuyas, IMC Toys, said his strategy is based on having the child becomes the protagonist of the adventure. Yago Fandiño, RTVE Corporation, stressed the importance of the series that has occurred on the Invizimals saga is a Spanish product.

Subsequently, we analyzed the editorial alternative to traditional circuits. To do this, it has had the view of the authors, with the presence of Bruno Nievas and Diana Al Azem. They have had direct experience self-publishing his novels and stories on the Internet, and stressed that the time spent browsing and promoted in the network is almost greater than the time used to write them.

To bring the point of view of new online publishing platforms, intervened David Fernández Poyatos of nubica, Justo Hidalgo, 24Symbols. They explained that it is changing consumer benefits tablets and readers, which requires greater efforts to reach a younger audience, without neglecting its base of regular readers. They have made ​​an example new forms of marketing and payment, such as time, chapters, and so on.

Entrepreneurial projects in FICOD Financing

During the morning also FICOD Financing  has had an extensive program of activities. It has made ​​the presentation of entrepreneurial projects in 1st round of funding (Hooptap, Homelyst, Mintlabs and My Twin Place) and in phase exit, with, Axon Partners, Groupon and Blink. It also held a seminar with the actual experiences of investor and entrepreneur couples with cases Akamon-Axon Partners and Carto DB-Kibo Ventures. Furthermore, the tax reform has sought the benefit of digital content, with the intervention of Begoña García-Rozado of MINHAP; and finally the case of large companies supporting entrepreneurship, Veronica Respaldiza, IBM; Esteban Jaime Gil, Angels Capital; Sergio Perez, Caixa Capital Risc, and César Gallo, the Repsol Foundation.

Over thirteen companies (Tecnilógica, Spanish Federation Dubbing, InmediaStudio,, The Cañonazo, Ploi Media, Viko, RDL Tech Talents United, Mobincube, Immersive Interactive, Spacebee and Fouhan) presented their projects during the presentations of FICOD Industry . They have spoken of the “connected customer,” dubbing, branded digital content, online magazines, games and apps, or augmented reality. And in FICOD Talent , ESADE, Nomadia, Internet Academy, FX Animation and Online Business School have held workshops with interesting topics such as “digital agenda CEO”, the new professional profiles required by companies, e-skills or new keys in digital video.

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