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Vision Rehabilitation Clinic Inaugurated at Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru

~The Clinic is one amongst the two in the country~


Bengaluru, 10th December, 2014:Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru, one of the premier eye hospitals in the country dedicated towards making India visually wealthy and eliminating needless blindness, has inaugurated Karnataka’s first Vision Rehabilitation Clinic in its premises. The Clinic is one amongst the two in the country. The Clinic was inaugurated by Dr. R. V. Ramani, the Founder and Managing Trustee of Sankara Eye Hospital and Mr. Guru Ganesan, Managing Director and CEO of ARM Embedded Technologies.

The Clinic counsels not only the individuals with vision impairment, but also their family members on how to handle, treat and transform their behavior/ perception regarding the sudden change that has left them handicapped. Vision Rehabilitation is the kind of training and therapy that develops the skills and strategies needed to help a visually impaired accomplish their goals. It does not focus on the amount of vision that is gone. It is a planned process that works with the functional vision that remains.

Mr. Guru Ganesan, Managing Director and CEO of ARM Embedded Technologies said, “It is our pleasure to be associated with Sankara Eye Hospital, who give so many, a new lease of life and help them be on par with the sighted. We need many more institutes like Sankara to associate with technology companies that would enable them to grow and deploy technology for better care and services”.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. R. V. Ramani, Founder and Managing Trustee, Sankara Eye Hospitalsaid, “I’d like to congratulate the team at the successful launch of the vision rehabilitation clinic, thereby covering entire spectrum of preventive, curative and rehabilitative eye care. At Sankara, it is believed that as a part of providing comprehensive eye care, we need to provide such patients with the where with all to lead quality lives. The entire vision rehabilitation initiative is directed to this end. We are grateful to ARM for providing financial support to the vision rehabilitation clinic and the huge impact it has on the patients helped through it”.

Vision rehabilitation encompasses services such as adaptive equipment and skills training, social support for individuals whose visual impairment cannot be satisfactorily addressed through corrective lenses, medication, or surgery.The overall goal of vision rehabilitation is to ‘recapture, strengthen and maintain self-confidence for safe, independent functioning’. Vision rehabilitation either resolves or reduces the inconvenience and dependency created by visual impairment.

Major components of the services are counseling, early intervention, parental training, educational guidance, training in activities of daily living skills, environmental modifications, referral, training in use of low vision devices, training in use of assistive software, vocational guidance, supportive benefits, library  services, etc. These services will be altered as per the needs of the person and assist him/her is the best way possible with respect to their occupation, condition, interest and preference. The clinic will also suggest appropriate services like physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychological evaluation, etc.

About Sankara Eye Hospital:

Sankara Eye Hospitals is a Non Profit NGO part of the Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust founded in 1977 at Coimbatore with a vision to provide quality eye care to its discerning patients.

The Cornea Specialist team at Sankara is trained to deliver world-class care for a variety of corneal disorders, such as corneal infections, corneal injuries, tear disorders, corneal dystrophy and other degenerative disorders. The department works in close coordination with Sankara Eye Bank for immediate and effective corneal transplants.

Sankara Eye Hospitals is one of the premier chains of tertiary super-specialty eye care hospitals in the country with state-of-the-art facilities. Sankara is well known for affordable, super-specialty eye care covering entire spectrum of eye diseases. It is center of excellence for Cornea, Retina, Ocular Cancers (Retinoblastomas), Glaucoma, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Cataracts, Oculoplasty and Lasik. Additionally it is one of the few hospitals which provide services for Low Vision Therapy, Vision Rehabilitation and Eye Bank.

Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru has been ranked amongst the Best 15 Ophthalmology hospitals in the country in 2014 by the Week- Nielsen Survey.

Sankara has a chain of 11 eye hospitals comprising a team of 200 doctors, 600 paramedical professionals, 275 support staff and total bed strength of 1800. It has treated and performed more than 1.1 million Free Eye Care Operations and every day about 500 eye care Operations are performed in Sankara Hospitals.

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