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Vital Things Women Need To Know About Breast Health + How To Improve It

When was the last time you opted for self breast-examination? Do you examine your breast from time to time? Do you tend to neglect your breast health? Then, you are doing it all wrong. Your breasts also deserve attention like your other body parts. Neglecting your breast health can invite a host of problems that can turn in to complications in later life. On the Occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we suggest you few tips to improve the health of your breasts…

Like other body parts, it is also equally important to take care of your breasts. Yes, you have heard that right! Did you know? The breasts tend to come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and no two women will have identical breasts. Breasts too undergo changes over years. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness in women when it comes to their breasts. Women may feel embarrassed and avoid discussing it with even the gynaecologist. Thus, it is imperative to opt for breast self-exams and even mammograms as suggested by the doctor.

Here are some facts about breast health

  1. All the changes occurring in the breast need not be cancerous:  This is a fact. If you spot any unusual changes or even the lumps in the breasts then do not get anxious or panic. Try to monitor your breasts and look for the changes. See if your breasts have become soft, swollen, or even tender. Look for any discharge from the breast. But, if there are permanent changes in the breast then without any delay you MUST just consult the doctor.
  2. Your breasts are not of the same size: You will be shocked to know that your breasts are not of the same size. Surprised? You would surely be. It is normal to have breasts of different sizes and shapes. If you are one of them you regularly monitor the breast then you will observe that your left breast may be bigger than the right one.
  3. Wearing the right bra is the need of the hour: If you are habituated to wear an ill-fitted bra then dump those bras right away and just consult an expert to buy the right ones. See to it that the bra is not loose or even tight. Those women who have heavy breasts should see to it that they wear a proper bra or the breasts can become saggy.

Tips to take care of your breasts

  1. Opt for regular self-examinations: Breast self-examinations will help you identify your breasts. You will be able to get familiar when it comes to your breasts. You can do so by standing in front of the mirror and looking for the changes occurring in the breast.
  2. Mammograms are important too: Women after the age of 40 should get their mammograms done on a regular basis. Doing so will allow you to keep breast cancer at bay. It can help you to detect breast cancer at an early stage and help you tackle it at the right time.
  3. Keep your breast clean: You must be cleaning all your body parts properly right? But, do you also do the same when it comes to your breast? Try to clean the area between and around your breasts. Use soap and water and also dry your breasts properly. If you sweat then use talcum powder on the breasts.  Avoid using any creams without a doctor’s prescription.

BY: Dr Anu Vij, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital,Kharghar

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