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VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, the go-to Solution for the New Generation Hybrid Clouds – Arrow PC

Gartner, Inc published a forecast stating that the public cloud services is expected to grow 18.4 percent in 2021 to total $304.9 Bn from $257.5 Bn in 2020. This data shows the precedence where organizations prefer to move towards public cloud services.
Public cloud has various advantages which include cost-effectiveness, no maintenance, agility, flexibility without redundancy and more. On the downside, the lack of data security and privacy, one size fits all concept and loss of control has also led organizations to rethink about investing in a public cloud. Organizations want a flexible option which would give them the benefits of a public cloud with the security and control similar to an on-premises infrastructure. The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC brings forth a change in the experience for organizations where the best features of both the public cloud and in-house infrastructure are merged into one product. With this, organizations can concentrate on revenue generation as opposed to worrying on routine operations.
Arrow PC has always prided itself on delivering world-class, innovative and cost-effective IT infrastructure to its customers. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC fulfills this purpose as its sophisticated functioning will reduce the complexities of organizations that are split between public cloud and in-house infrastructure maintenance. It brings the public cloud operating model to any data center, edge location or leased co-location space providing simple, secure and scalable infrastructure. VMware’s industry-leading compute, storage and networking software stack is integrated with enterprise-class Dell EMC VxRail hardware. The unique approach of this service empowers customers to focus on business innovation and differentiation, while VMware operates the entire infrastructure end-to-end,” says Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network (Dell Technologies – Titanium Partners).
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a fully managed cloud service that includes specific hardware and software provided exclusively by VMware and its partner. This service offers several predetermined capacity options that customers can select to best fit their requirements like rack sizing, number of host instances and also configure the network to meet their exact specifications. With data residing in the premises, customers retain full control over their data and workloads. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is useful in infrastructure modernization, managed VDI infrastructure, accelerating innovation and, latency and sovereignty.
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC also has other benefits that make it a popular choice among organizations:
  • Reduction in operational complexity
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Consistency of operations and infrastructure
  • Built-in enterprise security
  • Unified SDDC management
  • Integrated hardware and software.
With simplified IT infrastructure using VMware Cloud on Dell EMC not only can organizations efficiently and securely manage their data, but also allows users to connect and access all their files and applications on any device, anywhere, anytime hence leading to a smooth running of the operations fulfilling one of the main requirements of remote working.

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