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Volkswagen to recall more than 3 lakh cars in India over emission scandal

Volkswagen-To-Recall-lakh-cars-in-IndiaGerman automobile giant Volkswagen has said it will recall over 3.24 lakh Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda cars from India over the emission scandal that has occurred. The scandal was orignally discovered in the US and has spread to the rest of the World as there were more disclosures.

It will begin by first recalling 1.9 lakh Volkswagen cars to fix a car software. They will then recall over 36.500 cars of the brand Audi and about 88,700 cars of the brand Skoda. The Volkswagen cars will need replacements over various car models having 2 litre, 1.6 litre, 1.5 litre and the 1.2 litre engines. All these engines come from the EA189engine family and has the software that caused the emission scandal.

Polo, Passat, Venta and Jetta are the Volkswagen cars that will be recalled. The Audi A6, A4, Q5 and Q3 models will be recalled and the Skoda Laura, Superb, Rapid, Yeti and Fabia compact will be recalled. All cars will be recalled at the same time. These cars basically give away pollutants in quantities that are over the prescribed limits.

Volkswagen had admitted to using this software in 11 million diesel engine cars which were sold in the United States, Europe and in other markets across the World.

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