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VPS Rockland Hospital saved 13 year old Afghani girl in emergency situation

13 year old girl from Afghanistan accidently swallows 6cm Pin

Unique emergency operation at VPS Rockland Hospital saves life

 Thoracic surgical Oncology department at VPS Rockland hospital removed 6 cm long iron pin from main left pulmonary artery

New Delhi, 24th April 2017: Team of doctors from surgical Oncology, Cardiothoracic and Anaesthesiology departments have collectively given a new lease of life to an Afghani girl who swallowed a sharp iron pin one fine morning while dressing up. The girl was given emergency visa within 24 hours for treatment in New Delhi. The pin was inside the girl for almost 72 hours before the miraculous lifesaving surgery was performed. 

The pin which was accidently swallowed entered the breathing passage (bronchus) resulting into the severe bouts of cough and utmost discomfort. The initial images of X-ray and CT scan diagnosed that the pin has penetrated the left secondary carina and lodged in the left main pulmonary artery.

Dr. Arun Kumar Giri, Senior thoracic surgeon and director, Oncology Services, VPS Rockland Hospital quickly responded to the urgent situation and did HRTC chest, this highlighted that one half of the pin in the left bronchial lumen and other half pierced bronchial wall lodging in the left pulmonary artery of patient.

Since the pin was lodged near the main artery which supplies blood, chances of internal bleeding while removing the needle were obvious and quite high. Team of expert doctors started operating the patient keeping cardiac department on standby incase if open heart needs to be done because of internal bleeding.

Explaining the situation of patient, Dr. Giri said, “Video assisted endoscopic surgery was the best option to retrieve the pin. Cardiac emergency unit was also informed timely in case if open heart surgery was required for internal bleeding. Monitored care anaesthesia was given to patient, and regular check of blood pressure was done to keep the heart working in normal condition. Since the surgery required utmost attention and precision it took us almost an hour to extract the pin out of the body escaping any internal bleeding or injury.”

Post surgery, blood pressure was monitored very closely for at least four hours to keep a check if heart and organs are performing in the best situation. After ensuring stable vital parameters and healthy condition of patient, she was shifted to the ward and was discharged in next two days.


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