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W15 Hanthana Estate: Lured by The Laid-Back Luxury of a By-Gone Era


For those wanderlust travelers who aspire to savoring more of life’s understated & hidden pleasures, there is no better than the magical island of Sri Lanka. Its wild and whimsical spirit set the scene for the adventure-of-a-lifetime, for those that surrender to its unpretentious lure. While exploring this sensational land, a check-in to the W15 Hanthana Estate – winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for The Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Kandy, Sri Lanka 2020 is a must-do travel highlight. 

Imagine palm tree jungle landscapes interspersed with perfect green tea plantations, offset with pristine beaches and mesmerizing sunsets over the dense tropical landscape…. A special place locked in the Indian Ocean where ancient cultures and relics, and unexplored hills of a time once forgotten are uncovered and held in the hearts of many passionate trippers.

Once journeying through the paradise that is the island of Sri Lanka, one traverses diverse regions. A city in the central hills that gets full attention in this review, is the one of Kandy. Not the kind you eat with your mouth, but the kind that feeds your eyes and soul.  A mesmerizing scene unfolds here, with the meandering Sea of Milk (or Kandy Lake) surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges, flourishing forests, and dotted with distinctive Kandyan & colonial architecture: a feast for the senses! 

The featured property in Kandy, the W15 Hanthana Estate, is quietly perched on top of this sensational other world, in the most picturesque region of Hanthana. Be assured, a stay in this remarkable bungalow takes luxury to a whole new level! The rolling tea plantations encompassing you, together with the deepest green forests are almost enough to make you forget any other life exists. Then comes the immaculately restored colonial bungalow – complete with its promenade of columns, oozing grandeur, especially when your very own butler arrives waiting to graciously attend to your every whim. A nirvana of sorts fit for the gods. 

This hilly escape away from the coastal heat provides a tucked away setting to completely unwind and engage in the finer things in life. Like a stroll through the sensational manicured lawns, meandering down through the tea fields, or hiking through the Hanthana Mountain range. After spotting a plethora of vivid bird and butterfly life (the most diverse in the world!) on your outdoor venture, return to your luxury bungalow base for an indulgent colonial Ceylon high tea – a favorite time of the day. Graze on perfectly prepared English specialties like egg-mayo & cress, cured ham & mustard sandwiches, hot jam & cream scones fresh out the oven, as well as a buffet of dainty pastries served up with the best cup of tea you’ve ever had. 

As is customary in the tropics, a drop of gin & tonic hits just the right spot before evening dinner… a sensational wind-down together with the setting sun. Mealtime is an audacious affair, where you can choose whether you would prefer Western or Sri Lankan traditional cuisine. This is a fusion of the best of both worlds – prepared and served with world-class excellence. The flavors will delight as they will inspire you. To add to the incredible sensory overload, wrap up your evening before retiring, with a night-cap & a cigar, in the plush guest lounge. The perfect way to end your day. 

The W15 Hanthana Estate team go above-and-beyond in delivering an exceptional experience. In the evenings, candles and traditional handmade lanterns lit, creating a dreamy romantic setting. With 4 lead-in Stable Suites, 5 Deluxe Suites and 1 Executive Suite, you’re spoilt for choice. The Deluxe Suites boast their own private garden sanctuary, ensuring your privacy. Styled with local craftsmanship, decked with luxurious linen, curated tea menu, minibar, luxury amenities and Geneva sound system – they really have thought of everything and spared no expense. 

After your deep slumber, awaken to the sound of the birds, reminding you that you have been blessed with another day to celebrate life. True to tea planter estate culture, simply ring for your dedicated butler who will arrive with a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon for you, where you can chat about your menu selection for the day. Soon, your butler returns with your breakfast to your table… where the new day’s adventure begins. Perhaps today you will skip afternoon High Tea and opt for a picnic on the lawn with a game of croquet? Or perhaps you would prefer a visit to the local Buddhist temple for some meditation – either way, you will always be loving life at the W15 Hanthana Estate.








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