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Wanna Enjoy Your Work Lunch? Try These Tips

Work lunch… it mainly consists of some of those tasteless salads, frozen microwavable meals, paper plates and soda. Almost everyone of us is a daily victim to this sad desk lunch, but this is not the way that everyone must eat. Actually, eating lunch in the office doesn’t have to always be a boring or an unhealthy experience. You can do some changes to turn your boring desk lunch into a delicious, relaxing break by just few tips and tricks like skipping the fast unhealthy food, home-cooked meals and snacks, or just make slight changes to your routine. For a week of healthier and happier work lunches which you will enjoy, the following tips can be a great guide:

1- Plan and prep meals on Sundays

You already have many responsibilities during the week, so if you don’t manage all your things since the beginning of the week, you may not find time to make your work lunch, and you may end up not packing your lunch and and eating some fast food during your lunch break. The best way to avoid this is to plan and cook ahead of time, for example plan out your menu, get all of the ingredients you need together, and cook them then put them in the freezer before the start of the week.

2- Use staple ingredients in different ways We don’t like to eat the same the same meal twice in one week, but we can still cook nutritious staple ingredients like chicken, steamed veggies, tofu, hard-boiled eggs, grains…and use different marinades, spices, pepper, butters, sauces and various other ingredients to mix things up.

3- Invest in better containers Let’s start from the basics, to pack your perfect work lunch, at least you must have the right healthy containers to put it in. For example, packing your sandwiches in plastic baggies can smash them in, plastic containers will melt in the microwave, and some ingredients may become poisonous without refrigerator… Therefore, to pack your lunch, you have to use more sustainable food containers in a variety of sizes, like bento boxes, mason jars and sturdier containers which can keep your food healthy not smashed for your trips to and from the office. Try some of those reusable, easy-to-clean, insulated lunch bag which are perfect to keep cold foods cold and warm foods warm can’t hurt. This will be better than carrying your lunch in brown-paper bags.

4- Keep real dishes and silverware in your desk It will make your meat richer by using cheap plastic utensils, a bowl, plate and set of silverware, and you can keep them one in your desk. It may require a little extra effort , but will be much better than those sad plastic desk lunches.

5- Stock up on spices and condiments Keep salt shakers, pepper shakers, granola, nuts, croutons, and any other seasonings or toppings which you regularly use with your meals in your office. Then, whenever you find that your meal needs to be refreshed or spiced up , you can easily do it.

6- Stretch out leftovers If you are one of those who don’t eat their whole dinner, you can keep the rest and take it with you to work the next day. It will be a quick and easy work lunch and will help you get more for your money. Just follow these tips to change your sad lunch work into a special experience…

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