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Wanna gain others’ trust? Try these Subtle Behaviors

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Whether it is within the family or between couples, friends or coworkers, trust is the main key for the success of any relationship. Additionally, it is very hard to gain the others’ trust, and it is harder to maintain this trust, even if you are an honest,trustworthy person.

On the other hand, it is also not easy to for us to trust others especially those who we don’t know very well, like acquaintances, coworkers and strangers.

However, if you are looking to get the trust of the people around you, there are few behaviours which prove how trustworthy you are on the inside, including:

1. Using welcoming smells

Although it may sound weird, but current studies proved that the way we smell provides a better first impression and a big impact on whether other people are likely to trust us or not. For example, Lavender is a scent which has a calming effect so it is more likely to be considered welcoming than other scents like peppermint, To seem more trusting, use a lavender scented shampoo or clothing wash.

2. Mimicking the other’s body language

Another behaviour to gain trust is mimicking a person’s body language while talking with him as it would greatly increase that person’s feeling of trust, but you have to make sure that he is not aware that he’s are being copied.

However, don’t copy every single move, but just allow your body to follow their lead.

This trick works amazingly for negotiations and resolving interpersonal disputes.

3. Expressing your empathy through apologies

Showing your empathize with someone else’s situation by apologizing for things which are beyond our control like someone’s death, a rainy day, etc. can be so effective for gaining trust. Such unnecessary apologies are called “superfluous apologies.

The next time you see someone having a bad day, or grieving a loss, go and say that you are sorry and see how he will react.

4. Accepting a little embarrassment
Some people are so pride to accept any kind of embarrassment at any situation, those are so away from being trusted. However, the person who accepts embarrassment with kind of grace is seen by others as a sociable one, which encourages the others to associate themselves with him.

Furthermore, when the people see someone who is not afraid of showing embarrassment they tend to follow his lead.

5. Having some mutual friends

“Triadic closure” means that if two people have a common friend, they are much more likely to become friends themselves. Applying this social  equation can be so helpful to gain the others’ trust as people tend to be more likely to trust the people that are already friends with their friends.

To prove this hypothesis, a study was made with Facebook, showed that people were much more likely to accept friend requests from people on Facebook with some mutual friends.
As Stephen Covey once said, trust is the glue of life, as it is essential for effective communication, and holding relationships.

So let’s change our behaviour and build trust among our relationships.

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