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Want to print a calendar? Here are some tips

Want to print a calendar_ Here are some tips

For any business, a calendar is a great and popular tool for marketing. They especially give contracts to print a holiday calendar, and they have pretty good reasons for that:

  • Brands usually give out a free calendar, and most people will use them.
  • Everyone requires a calendar.
  • It gives the brand a great way to promote their services as they are always in front of the audience.

Stepping aside from firms using a calendar for their business, common people also print calendars to gift to someone. Like as a return gift in a wedding or other celebrations.

It is a great idea and feels personal too, but for a great looking calendar use professional help. An expert will print a calendar that is of high quality and also cheaper.

Whether you have a design in mind or not you should keep in mind some tips. Let’s read more about them below:

  1. Select a theme

First, you need a theme for your calendar which is related to your business or the occasion. If you are printing for your business, make sure it follows the same theme as your logo and other elements. Don’t forget to make sure that it looks attractive, so don’t make it too business-like. An interesting calendar will engage more people.

  1. Have uniformity in your design

When designing a custom calendar, you have to be consistent. You are developing a calendar that shows more than dates and days. It is going to deliver a message or remind people about a moment. That is why make sure the design throughout the pages is consistent. Yes, have a different background but keep other things like theme, colors, typography and format uniform throughout.

  1. Select Images with caution

Less is always more, especially when it comes to a calendar. Don’t fill it with multiple images, instead use one great image for a single page. Also, use a picture that has high quality, and resolution so it doesn’t pixelate when you print it.

  1. Use a template design

Using a template design is very beneficial for you. First, it can meet your requirements and secondly, it solves common issues that people face while printing a customized calendar. The issues include alignment; printing and meeting bleed and trim lines.

The Canva calendar maker has great templates for printing custom calendars.

  1. Ensure your monitor is calibrated

Most monitors use the RGB color model while printers use the CMYK model. Usually, while printing, it is kept in mind. But still, you should calibrate your monitor otherwise the color on the monitor will be different to the one that you see after you print it.

  1. Think of the people who will use the calendar

You are designing the calendar for general consumption. So, think about your users and what kind of calendar they prefer. Also, there are many specification and types of calendars in the market. Research about them and find out which one is under your budget.

Moreover, the lifestyle of people and levels of management are important points to be considered.

  1. Use calendars as a portfolio

If your brand has lots of products and services, then use the calendar to showcase each one of them. The calendar can work as a portfolio for your brand informing consumers about each of your products.

  1. Make it functional

Whatever type of calendar format, design theme and so on you use, it shouldn’t hide the real purpose of the calendar. People still want to know the date, time and date no matter how fancy it is. So, make sure even beneath all that design, it is functional.

  1. Be sustainable

Print on both the side of the calendar or use sustainable stock for printing. It will save the environment and encourage your consumer to do the same.

  1. Have a message

Think of a catchy message that justifies your business and relates to it. Use that slogan on each page that highlights your business/occasion. Keep the message short, simple, crisp and catchy.

Calendars are great for promotion if designed properly. So, make sure that you follow these tips and design professional yet interesting calendars.

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