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Warden strip-searches students to check for menstrual blood

In a hugely deplorable incident, a residential school’s warden in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh has allegedly strip-searched students to check for menstrual blood. The warden was miffed after she noticed specs of blood in the school’s bathroom. She got so angry that she asked all the girls to take off their clothes and sit in the class naked, so that she can check for menstrual blood.

The girls allege that they were in their hostel when they were called downstairs by the warden. When they went there, the warden told them to take off their clothes and also threatened them that she will beat them if they did not follow her orders. The girls had no choice, so they took off their clothes and sat naked in the class, as the warden checked for menstrual blood.

Following the incident, the warden has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered by the government. However, the warden has denied the allegations, saying that it is a conspiracy by some staff members who do not want her to stay in the school.

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