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Washing tips for cotton clothes

Different fabrics require slightly different washing care. While it is easy to maintain and wash synthetic fabrics, cotton is a pretty difficult fabric to maintain and wash. But we all have a full stack of cotton clothes that we use at our homes, ranging from bed sheets, table cloth, shirts, sarees, handkerchief, etc. that there is no way out. We all have to deal with washing these cotton clothes in a way that retains its life and colour.

Below are some tips that you may follow while washing your cotton clothes:

  1. Cold water cycle required:

Always wash cotton clothes only in cold water as it will eliminate any chances of colour bleeding or shrinking. You may either hand wash the clothes or machine wash, there is nor harm in any of these.

  1. Any mild detergent can be used:

There’s no specific detergent that one needs to use while washing cotton clothes. You may use any regular detergent for washing these but try to ensure that it is a mild detergent.

  1. Sun drying is important:

It is always a good idea to let the cotton clothes dry under the sun at least for 15-20 minutes even after you take it out of the dryer. Do shake the clothes nicely before putting them out to dry to eliminate the wrinkles. The direct sunlight gives a bright shine in the clothes and makes it crisp.

  1. Starching is the key:

Though one might skip this process but it is not advisable. Cotton clothes needs to be starched regularly so that they retain their crispiness. You may choose to buy the readymade starch or make it home.

  1. Ironing, the most important step:

This is the final step and one cannot go without it. It has to be ironed every time before use as cotton clothes tend to have wrinkles. So in order to achieve a smart look, one must iron these cotton clothes every time before wearing them.

Following these tips will help you elongate the life of your cotton clothes, and keep them looking fresh for a long time. These simple and easy precautions will help you immensely in the long run and will help you save some extra bucks as you would not need to buy new clothes frequently.

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