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Watch Live TV on your PC in 2018

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Keep an eye on live TV grooves and watch a film also hear to internet radio channels on Windows PC. Isn’t it so much easier to lay hands on all of them on a single platform? While it is so easy to do so as compared with hovering the web for direct watch live tv on PC.

The below mentioned are some of the most trusted and globally used programs of this kind

  1. Hulu Desktop

Hulu Desktop is a web based TV flowing service which is created to circulate broadcasts solutions of similar name. It also avails numerous channels which holds key to micro and macro network grid. This inculcates along with the promotional cable service giants such as ShowTime, Cinemax and HBO. Replay, pause live broadcasts and fast forwarding is possible due to the firm multimedia integration. However it costs roughly about 8$ for 30 days and is supported by Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows.


  1. Able to cater up to 6 user profiles
  2. Keep a track of content watched
  3. Possible to watch live tv on your PC streaming content right one after the other even on mobile phones


  1. No option to get a free trial
  2. Tons of advertisements with standard subscription


An honest and independent and reliant mechanism for getting along with 300 internet channels around the world. It has a function of Wi-Fi functionality and standard navigation features, and nothing more than that. Hence it is not much more bloat ware and supports multiple platforms. This makes it much more preferable over the other online streaming platforms, as compared with most of online streamingplatforms. It is free of cost and has no promotional content at all. While on the brighter side runs efficiently on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.


  1. Continuously enlarged multiple language support
  2. Wi-Fi-connectivity enabled
  3. Connection personalization features


  1. Lags in terms of connection speed which is dependent on mobile device hardware
  2. Not up to the mark user interface
  3. No full screen mode
  1. SopCast

SopCast is the most adaptable and tempting platform. As it holds a humongous sized library with availability of such channels. SopCast is one of rapidly growing TV programs because of its P2P streaming. Well of course it is a high end product, a few holdups with regards to stability and user interface, but does its part pretty well. It is a free of cost program which supports most popular operating systems namely Max, Linux, Android and Windows.


  1. Circulates your own channel efficiently
  2. Combines with external media players and runs smoothly


  1. Categorization is not done for all channels
  2. Program stability differs on the count of peers

Online TV Player
The Online TV Player is a standard internet powered platform. The platform does support more than 850 channels along with the 1500 free radio channels. This includes least mainstream and unique ones. The Online TV Player is considered as one of the most personalized players in the pack because of the free of cost updates and around 40+ changeable user interface skins. It runs smoothly on the Windows though.


  1. Changeable screen
  2. It has more than 40+ user interface themes.


  1. A handful of channels among tons of other channels to go with are streamed at poor quality.
  2. Falls short on some advanced functionality rather than streaming
  3. Zattoo

Zattoo is a crabby yet cross platform television player for the comfort seekers. Zattoo has numerous steering alternatives and is able to support high-end streaming. Zattoo comes with an in-built guide which helps in picking local channels that are acknowledged mechanically. Nevertheless it has availability for only 5 nations. Namely Switzerland, Germany, Spain, UK and Denmark. The Zattoo falls short on enhanced functionalities except streaming. The costing of Zattoo for per month is 10$ for 30 days and runs efficiently on iOS, Windows and Android


  1. Quality is configured automatically
  2. Displaying of local channels is automated


  1. There is no option for selecting language
  2. No option available for additional configurations


Still thinking how to watch live tv on pc with internet? Above mentioned are some of the most powerful online streaming platforms for watching TV online and many more features supporting platforms.

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