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An electric water pump is an over ground pump which draws the water into your home from your well. This is different from a submersible water pump outside in your well. An electric water pump uses the pressure tank or cold water tank almost always. If the pump freezes inside with water, the housing can crash. When this occurs, water flows out of the pump. This can be fixed by replacing the housing for much less than the pump would be replaced by you.

  1. Turn off all the water to your house by turning the shut-off valves to the right until you stop. Do so as you realize that your water pump needs to be repaired when you see it leaks. Unplug the damaged water pump so that no electricity is available when you separate it. Prepare for a lot of old towels, because water still leaks inside the pump.
  2. Put a couple of towels under the pump and keep a few more to avoid water leakage damaging your floor. Remove the fastener at the end of the pump that secures the pipe. Take the pump off and place it in the towel floor. Use a wrench to remove the four bolts that hold the box of the water pump and set the external shell of the pump aside.
  3. Use a wrench to remove 4 bolts from the outside water pump. Remove the bolts and remove the outside box from the pump. Remove the pump housing to release it by pressing the small clips. Carefully inspect the house before buying a new one to make sure it is cracked. Locate the make and model number of the pump. Take information to a home improvement store. Request a housing for the production and model and obtain replacement seals.
  4. Replace the damaged house with a new one, remove and replace the old seals. Place the pump shell back on the pump, insert and tighten the four bolts, but not too tightly, or strip the bolts.
  5. Keep the pump in place and place the pump end back in the water pipe to ensure the pipe is first wrapped with Teflon tape. Replace the water pipe clamp and tighten it to secure the connection.
  6. Return your water home. Connect the water pump and monitor carefully to ensure no more leakage occurs.

If the building water supply stops and takes minutes or hours to recover, the flow rate of the well may be a problem. However, the problem of water loss and pressure could be more mechanical: a bad pump. The well pump could, in turn, have been damaged or hurried to the end of its life by a bad water pressure tank that caused a short cycling of the well pump. The pump relay control can be burned short cycling the pump motor.

If your flow of water has decreased or even completely stopped, your pump may be damaged. Make call to water pump repair team of experts who are ready to assist you 24 hours a day.

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