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Ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce

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When you start a new relationship or plan to marry, you put your best to impress each other. It is true to almost all marriages that after some time excitement diminish as the honeymoon period comes to an end and the life backs to the daily routine.

The situation gets worst if the partners start demanding more and more from the relationship instead of understanding and accepting the changes. It’s a human tendency that no one likes changes, however it is also true that change is the only thing that’s constant.

The reality is every marriage needs to be worked upon and remember it’s never too late to start a new beginning in favour of building your relationship. There are few tips to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce.


Honesty is the foundation of every relationship, if the foundation goes wrong, it will be tough to build a strong relationship out of it. So, be honest and clear in every situation, there may be times when it seems difficult to discuss the problems even then, be direct, open, and honest.

Being open and honest applies in different areas of a relationship, this could be about your job, your finances etc. If you have any fears or concerns about your marriage, it is vital to take the issue directly to your partner and talk about it openly. This will help you in resolving it or at least let you work towards resolving the issue.

If you doubt your partner of infidelity, then be sure to have all the evidence before blaming or you can hire a Spy Agency to help you with the evidence. Never expects that the situation will get better of their own, they won’t, and you have to work on them to create a better world for both of you.


Appreciation is the key to acknowledge the presence of each other. Remember, when you were dating you have frequently expressed your appreciation in many ways, such as a kiss, hug, gifts or planning surprises etc.

After years of marriage, couples become more accustomed to seeing the partners every day and often ignore showing that special appreciation for each other. It makes the partner less attached and the relationship starts lacking emotional satisfaction which can lead to divorce in many scenarios. When someone starts feeling detached and emotionally unsatisfied, relationship starts dying and the partner starts looking elsewhere for the appreciation that’s why it is important to appreciate to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce.

Sometimes Silence does the miracle

Not every situation in a relationship need to be addressed, there are times when letting go is the best thing to avoid adverse actions. Focus on the reasons why you married the person, good time you spent together and remember not every insult is intended. There are times when situation goes out of your hand, at those times.

It is okay to allow some silence and calm down then saying hurtful things. The trick of successful silence is that you really let go the problem, if you stay silent but keep on dwellingbad thoughts, then the trick will not work.

Be Kind, stay Positive and Happy

Just like appreciation, you should also remain kind to each other. Show your care for them and don’t forget to compliment them it will boost their confidence in the relationship and make them happy. Also, don’t take out your frustrations on your partner, especially if it’s related to work or your circle or anything that’s outside the marriage.

It is normal to fight and argue but never stretch them and then there are fights that can be ignored, let it go. If you will keep on holding the things you won’t be able to move further in relationship and it will not let you be happy.

If you are not happy then it’s not possible to give your best to the relation and keep your partner happy, it will automatically lead to the end of the relation. So, make sure to stay positive and happy.

Allow space and respect the relations

Marriage is the most important relationship in your life, but it cannot be the only relationship. Respect all other relationships too, friends and social supports are important.

Give time to your friends and let your partner do the same. A little space is all you need to breath and build a happy, successful marriage and avoid divorce.

Couples Counselling for a Happy Marriage

Couple counselling is helpful in avoiding divorce and building a happy marriage. If you have reached an impasse in your relationship and you don’t want to discuss the issue with your family or friend or maybe they are not around, in such situation you can trust upon couples counselling.

However, scenario has changed now, and couples are more proactive & started participating in Couples Counselling even before they marry. Premarital Counselling is popular these days to promote a happy and successful marriage, so it’s not remained as something that you turn upon, during difficult circumstances only.

If you are interested in such counselling than you can easily find the therapist online via online platforms which allows you to participate from anywhere, at any time as per your convenience.

Divorce is never a solution; every relation goes through the rough patches. The up and down breaks some and they don’t survive long enough to reach the other side unscathed, but many do. Divorce can lead to more harm than solving the problem and if children are involved, the situation is worst. Building a happy marriage is in your hand.

However, there are certain situation where divorce is the only solution, in such situations be sure and collect proper documents or evidence before accusing. If you are finding any difficulty in collecting evidence, there are lots of Spy agency in Delhi that can come up for the rescue and don’t worry them will keep everything secret.

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