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Ways to detox your body

Unknown-7Seasonal detox is an essential thing that should be practiced at regular intervals. After every certain duration, our body demands cleansing and requires detoxing. Detoxing also helps in increasing your metabolism and thereby enhancing the overall health.

Ways to detox your body: One should start detocxing by decreasing the level of sugar intake, and other related things such as, honey, molasses, and artificial sweeteners. Another effective way of detoxing is having lime juice with warm water. This also helps in flowing out the waste from your body.

But if you ask for a longer term, exercising and yoga can be of immense benefit. Regular exercising encourages circulation in the blood and the lymph system. Get in a regular practice of having green tea twice a day. Eat green and fresh food. Sweat it out in a sauna. Skin brushing and oil massages are also excessively beneficial as it relaxes the senses and exfoliates the toxins from the skin.

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