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Ways to dry out clothes faster in the monsoons

Monsoons bring along with it a whole lot of laundry woes that not only keeps us engaged for longer time but also needs us to be extra cautious in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. But keeping every issue aside, one of the major concerns for everyone in the rainy season is to dry the clothes, if you are not using a washing machine. In fact even the clothes that are washed in the washing machine are not 100 percent dry.

So today we are going to share some tips on how to dry your clothes faster in the rainy days:

  1. Dripping excess water: Always leave the clothes in the bathroom so that they drip dry first. This step will help you avoid spillage on the floor of the room in which you are going to hang them for drying, as outdoor drying is not possible due to lack of strong sunlight
  1. Drying stand: A drying stand will help you spread a lot of clothes in a small space. We all will agree that space is a major constraint while drying clothes indoors. Hence in situations like these, one should always invest in a good clothes’ drying stand. You may use it all year round as well.
  1. Reducing moisture in the room: There are various ways to keep a room dry to ensure there is no moisture, as it might delay the drying up of clothes indoors. You may use a humidifier, or put some salt in a small container, or air purifier bags. These will absorb all the moisture from the room and eliminate the formations of bacterial/fungal growth
  1. Use hangers: Using hangers for drying clothes on a line or stand is very effective. In case there is even slightest of sunlight for sometime, it will help get the clothes dried soon
  1. Hair dryer: In case there’s a small item like a handkerchief or a scarf, you may use a hair dryer to dry it instantly. Considering these are really small and of thin material, these get dried really fast
  1. Ironing: You may even opt for this if certain parts of your clothes are relatively damp, such as, collars, cuffs, etc.

If you are a mom who is really sick and tired of washing and drying your kid’s clothes in the monsoon, these tips will helps you sail through the rainy days reducing your laundry woes. So get ready to embrace this monsoon season for all the good things and memories to cherish later.

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