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Ways to feel better after a negative pregnancy test

pregnancy test

If you are trying to conceive for a long time, it really shocks you when you see a negative pregnancy test. This feeling is very hard to describe in words. The feeling assumes alarming proportions even after a visit to a fertility specialist. Now leaving behind this sadness how can you overcome the sense of shock that has taken over you?

Coping with negative feelings is really difficult and the best way is to think positive and move forward. Like heart medications and pregnancy you need to consider it as a part and parcel of this wonderful journey.


You are never going to get over the negative feelings if you are not going to discuss it. This is even with you and even if it has not happened it might occur. Try to talk and work out a solution. Do discuss with people who are close to you like your family or friends. They can help you get rid of the negative thoughts and help you to take things in a positive frame of mind.

Chances are that your partner might be not on the same page as you. Be prepared for a little bit of banter in such cases.

Work on your early formulated plans

There might be books you would have loved to read or going for a vacation. Things that were kept on the back bench as your sole focus was a family. As you are not pregnant this is the time to lead a life. The same policy applies in case of health related issues. If you had heart issues then heart medication pregnancy would be a timely solution. Take into consideration the fact that pregnancy will happen if has to occur and then move on ahead in life.

Move around people with whom you establish a sense of trust

There is no need to beat the bush and tell people who are trying to become pregnant. No need for people to ask every month in case if you are becoming pregnant. Just tell them to be supportive and ask them to give you comfort at this point of time. An open discussion that you are not keen to discuss any fertility treatments or even is part of a social event.

Visit a doctor

You might be trying to become pregnant for a few months and a couple of attempts would have failed. Still it makes sense to have an appointment with a gynaecologist in such events. They can provide you valuable advice and can guide you on the issues of concern. Sometimes they can guide you about the various types of fertility treatments. In a way such help really seems assuring at this point of time.

Opt for a break

Rather than trying to conceive every now and then sometimes it makes sense to take a break if you are trying. This can refresh you and provide you with a new sense of hope in trying for a baby. This would lift your sagging spirits.

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