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Ways to keep our skin moisturized this winter

images-2Winters might be a very pleasant season, but in this season, our skin demands utmost attention and care. During the season, our skin gets dry and itchy as it looses moisture. So, it becomes very important for us to take certain preventive measures to avoid this and keep our skin radiant and glowing always. If you make a routine of either of the below options, you would be sure of having the soft, supple and clear skin this winter.

Yoghurt and buttermilk mask: Both the ingredients should be mixed in the ration of 1:1, and apply in a circular motion. Yoghurt will clear the skin, and the buttermilk with moisturize

Oil and moisturizer mix: Add a few drops of oil in moisturizer and apply this on your face like any other cream. The basic science here is that, moisturizer hydrates the sin, while oil locks it then and there in the skin

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