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WBA Brings Together the Indian Government and Telecom Industry

to Discuss the Role of Wi-Fi in Shaping the Future of the 100 Smart Cities Program

Launching its 1st India Event: WBA Vision Forum 2015 to be held in New Delhi on August 13th, 2015

Indian Wi-Fi market expected to grow by 7000% – 7x faster than global Wi-Fi market

New Delhi, 10th August 2015: Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), the industry association focused on driving the next generation Wi-Fi experience, in association with FICCI, is introducing its first initiative in India, the WBA Vision Forum 2015. The aim of this WBA Vision Forum is to discuss transformational role of Wi-Fi in Connected City Deployments and facilitate a dialogue that explores the opportunities and challenges associated with delivering transformational connectivity for the Indian Government’s 100 smart city program. The event will be held at FICCI offices, Tansen Marg, Delhi on August 13th 2015.

Senior Government officials who are championing the Government’s Digital India and Smart City vision will be attending the event coupled with Telecom operators, Technology providers and key players from the ecosystem. WBA is also leveraging this opportunity and its diverse experience in working with countries across the Globe by bringing in international experts who have years of experience in deploying smart city and Wi-Fi projects.

Ashish Khetan, Vice Chairman, Government of Delhi, Ministry of ICT, Shrikant Shenwai, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance, Vijay Sammeta, CIO, City of San Jose, Virat Bhatia, FICCI, and Rajan S Mathews, DG, COIA are some of the key Government & industry representatives, who will be attending the event.

Ashish Khetan, Vice Chairman, Government of Delhi, said, “It’s our vision to build Delhi as a futuristic smart city with state of the art infrastructure and connected systems for a safer, secure & efficient environment and Wi-Fi plays a key role in us fulfilling our vision of Smart Cities. We are glad that an industry organisation such as Wireless Broadband Alliance has taken an important step towards building the foundation by bringing together industry stalwarts, the Government & the telecom operators. WBA has a strong experience in driving next generation public Wi-Fi.

He further added, “We see this as a great start, where we can not only work with a public private partnership approach in strategizing the roll out, but also take learnings from other countries and implement them. I welcome WBA to work closely with the Government, operators and the ecosystem in planning & strategizing towards a seamless and standardized approach that will help us fulfill our promise of deploying city-wide WiFi.”

Mr. Shrikant Shenwai, CEO, WBA, said, “With a population of 1.25 billion and only 30,000 hotspots today, we see an exponential journey for Wi-Fi to grow in India and connect the billions who don’t have access to broadband connections today or cannot afford a data connection. We, as a global trade association have a strong heritage in bringing together Wi-Fi (unlicensed) and cellular (licensed) technologies and creating best practices and merge ecosystems for a seamless and secure experience.

He further added, “The WBA Vision Forum 2015 aims to facilitate a dialogue between the Government, technology providers &operators to chalk out a strategy for deployment, collaboration, public-private partnerships and the role WBA as an organization play in helping the Government realize its Smart City vision.” said, “We are truly excited to be here in India and strongly consider WBA’s collaboration with the Government and the industry will be a stepping foundation towards building smart cities. We’ve had an extensive experience in deploying large Wi-Fi projects & building smart cities. An industry body such as WBA plays a pivotal role in bringing together the ecosystem for standardization and operationalizing smart city projects.”

Vijay Sammeta, CIO, City of San Josesaid, “The demand for high-speed connectivity and networks is insatiable and to address that we are in dire need of public private partnerships and the co-existence of licensed and unlicensed operators as it would be the most viable solution. The WBA Vision Forum provides the perfect platform to share this message with our Indian counterparts. I am excited to share my thoughts on how we are planning to up our game in delivering connectivity to both citizens and sensors in our evolving smart city efforts.”

Virat Bhatia, Chairman, Communications and Digital Economy Committee of FICCI, said, “We are extremely excited to be the venue for the first ever initiative taken in India to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with the 100 Smart Cities programme. To realize this vision of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, we need an integrated effort from the government and the ecosystem players. And this event will bring together all the stakeholders. Alike WBA, we too believe in being a step ahead and embracing what the future has in store. We look forward to the event with great anticipation.”

“COAI is glad to be part of such a nation-building event and looks forward to its grand success. WBA is putting in a major effort to steer our future in the right direction with its WBA Vision Forum and we should come all out to support them and encourage everyone in the industry to make the most of this opportunity “said Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, COAI in a statement.

Key Industry Statistics

  • Total number of mobile subscriptions in India is expected to increase to approximately 1.4 billion by 2020, resulting in a population penetration of 100%
  • 3G subscriptions to increase from over 120 million in 2014 to around 620 million
  • LTE subscriptions will form 17% of the total subscription base in 2020.


  • Monthly mobile data traffic per active smartphone will increase 4-fold to4.5 GB by 2020.
  • 22-fold increase in smartphone traffic by 2020
  • Smartphone subscription to grow 6-fold to 750 million by 2020



 Founding Partners

Cisco Cisco is the worldwide leader in Internet networking. The company headquartered in San Jose, California, designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment.
Ozone Ozone is India’s largest FREE public WiFi provider touching 75,000 lives every day. The company caters to 5 segments, namely operators, system integration, super luxury hotels & boutique hospitals, public Wi-Fi hotspots and international Wi-Fi roaming.
Ruckus Wireless Ruckus Wireless, Inc. is a global supplier of cutting-edge wireless systems The company offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor “Smart Wi-Fi” products.
Elitecore Elitecore alleviates network congestion problems and caters to the escalating demand of WiFi and mobile data offload by providing robust WiFi services management platform.

 Key Initiatives undertaken by WBA

Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) Program

The aim of the WBA’s Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) program is to deliver a public Wi-Fi experience that is as seamless and secure as that experienced on cellular networks.

More details:

Launch of Connected City Advisory Board

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), the industry association that champions the development of the converged wireless broadband ecosystem has announced the establishment of a Connected City Advisory Board. The Board aims to help deliver the vision of Connected Cities being pursued by a growing number of cities from around the world. It provides an exclusive platform for City Managers and CIOs to knowledge-share and create best practices with their counterparts in other cities and also determine the best way to leverage public-private partnerships.

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