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Webisdom heading towards a new account into the world of online gaming

Brands find online gaming platforms an effective avenue for ads 

New Delhi, 23rd February 2021: Digital marketing company ‘Webisdom’ which has worked with several gaming companies in the past is set to launch A1 games. The Covid19 pandemic has altered consumer behaviour leading to increased advertising on digital medium. The pandemic has also acted as a catalyst to the growth of the online gaming industry. This has led to the emergence of a new ‘space’ that marketers are taking notice of – online gaming platforms. Brands are not behind in tapping into this new space for marketing. In fact, advertising on gaming platforms is increasingly becoming a part of marketing plans of several companies due to the sticky young audience that is focused in their consumption patterns. In addition, gamers are willing to watch video ads for rewards.

Deepika, daughter of Mr. Chatar Singh Baid and investor in A1 games says, A1 Games, says “Online gaming platforms offer an immersive experience to users and opens up possibilities to engage with real gamers worldwide and post accomplishments on social media. Online games are not just a one person entertainment experience but have now become full-fledged virtual social spaces. So, we will continue to see the time spent on gaming going up.”

Mr. Suraj Bajpai, CEO Webisdom, says “In the last two to three years, we have run promotions, in-app purchases and also more serious brand building activities for several brands; even FMCG brands are now investing in mobile game advertising. We believe that more and more brands would be looking at this media platform as means of advertising. The younger population is hardly watching television, and gaming being a more interactive media would be the logical way ahead for brands to gain more visibility with this customer base. These platforms would be the ‘silent’ influencers.”

With the online gaming industries flourishing fast, Gamers are more than twice as likely to pay attention to advertisements placed in mobile games at 41 percent, as compared to ads placed on the internet at 17 percent, in magazines or on billboards at 15 percent each. Also, indicators such as engagement, targeting, and completion rates, can be identified and measured far more effectively.

Online gaming companies have successfully stirred up the interest of the youth with gaming being amongst the top five activities carried out on mobile device by a young tech-savvy population (with 75% aged under 45). As per industry estimates, India has over 300 million gamers today. Further, a survey has revealed gaming is part of daily lives of more than one-third Indians — 40% men and 35% women play mobile games at least five days a week. This past year, especially post the lockdown; online gaming platforms have received unprecedented traffic with a record 45-60% increase in time spent. A leading Indian gaming company witnessed a 200% increase in its user base during the lockdown, with about 1, 00,000 new users joining the platform every day.

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