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Weight loss – The right way!!

Healthy, fit and happy life is what everybody wishes for. Modern lifestyle has pulled us away from the healthier life we could lead. It has led to stress, poor health, and the one that tops the list, obesity.India stands third in the global list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people. Women are more affected than men by obesity.Weight loss is the buzz word now.Excess weight can hinderprogress in personal and professional life.As a result, people make excessive diet plans and exercise routines, thanks to the diet experts.

But are we following the right way to lose your weight?

Here’s how people do things wrong to lose weight:

There’s a gap between what we know we should doand what we actually do to reduce weight. When on diet, people consume more calories than you think you should consume. Here is one mistake that people usually do, to reduce weight i.e., to refrain from consuming high calorie food, such as, whole eggs, cheese, yoghurt and many more,which are actually very healthy. Instead they take huge quantity of low calorie food. By doing this they are compromising on their daily nutrition supplements.One can even opt fast food in their meal plan by going for grilled food instead of fried ones.

Few people even starve to lose weight, which should be avoided.A balanced diet is important. We have to plan our day properly. Never skip breakfast. Do not go to bed immediately after dinner. Stop eating before you feel full. It takes time for our brain to tell our body that the food is enough.

Finally, the secret of reducing weight is to add every food group in the daily diet, less alcohol and sugars, and proper exercise. Stay healthy!!

By: Bhavana Reddy


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