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West Bengal Chief Minister says Modi does not trust the opposition

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee on Sunday attacked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement stating that the opposition parties were not treading the path of honesty saying that the ‘most corrupt’ people were talking about eradicating corruption.

She said, “Modi does not trust the government.”

Banerjee in retaliation to Prime Minister’s attack on opposition said, “Demonetisation has been implemented to help Modi babu and his close associates.”

Modi addressing BJP’s Parivartan rally in Uttar Pradesh had said that the opposition parties never want to walk in the path of honesty.

He said, “The opposition is not allowing the Parliament to function normally for the last 20days. We are ready to debate, but we are not being allowed to put our points.”

While the West Bengal Chief Minister said that Demonetisation has meant complete demolition of the Indian Economy.

She added, “The arrogant government is trying to destroy the world’s largest democracy.”

The BJP-led NDA government has remained firm on demonetisation despite concerted criticism and protests by opposition parties and disruption of both houses of Parliament during the ongoing winter session.

While the opposition since the announcement of demonetization on November 8 have objected the government’s move. To show their distress several rallies were taken out across the country by the opposition and have accused the government for disturbing the Indian economy, helping its associates and making the poor suffer for its own political goals.

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