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What are the good and bad side of coffee?


Having a cup of hot coffee, the first thing in the morning is a daily routine for many of us. Coffee is amongst the top three most popular beverages in the world after water and tea. Be it for good or bad, there are people who just cannot do without coffee. Though coffee dos not have much of a reputation when it comes to our health, but if you know how to drink it the right way and in right quantity, it could be much better than you might have actually thought of.

For many coffee is just another drink that does more harm than good, yet for many it is a sort of their lifeline and they need it like any other additive substance to survive. It is for such varied reasons, the topic of coffee is also one of the most debated topics around for quite some time. It is also true that drinking coffee has negative effects as well as positive sides too.

To weight and understand the pros and cons of drinking coffee, noted below are some plus and minus of this favorite beverage worldwide.

The good effects of drinking coffee:

  • It helps in preventing us from various ailments

According to journals and health researches, drinking coffee can decrease the risks of developing some life threatening ailments like heart diseases, cancers, cirrhosis and even Parkinson’s. The magnesium and chromium contents of coffee helps decreasing the risk of developing diabetes. Both of these minerals are instrumental in regulating our blood sugar levels and keeping it within healthy range.

  • Promotes physical as well as mental health

The caffeine in coffee helps in being more productive overall. It not only helps boosting our metabolism but also stimulates our central nervous system. Doing so, it keeps us more active and alert, along with stimulating our taste buds, improving our response time towards any sort of situation by processing information better and faster. It also enable us to concentrate and be attentive in a much better way.

  • It has anti-oxidative properties

Coffee is a rich source of anti-oxidants and thereby, helps us defend against the damaging effects of free radicals causing diseases like cancers and others. Antioxidants helps protect our body from cell damages, keeping us fitter and healthier. These antioxidants also helps flushing out toxins from the body and promotes cell renewal.

  • It aids in weight loss

Slower metabolic rate is one of the prime reason for gaining weight. Coffee helps speed up metabolism by at least 3 to 11% and thereby aids in faster and effective weight loss.

The negative effects of drinking coffee:

  • It could adversely affect our health

Drinking coffee in excessive amounts can lead to anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, headaches, muscle cramps and tremors, diarrhea and even osteoporosis. It is also that coffee has certain substances that can harden our arteries and increase the levels of blood cholesterol, thereby, increasing the risks of heart attacks, stroke and other heart ailments.

  • Induce higher levels of stress

The caffeine in coffee affects the adrenalin glands causing higher levels of stress. It might be particularly bad for people who work under high pressure and stress and drinking coffee may increase their anxiety levels further.

  • Causes addiction

Caffeine is addictive, and in fact it falls under the category of mild addictive stimulant. Drinking too much coffee may make you addictive and dependent on caffeine, which might lead to addiction of further substances.

  • Can cause sterility in men and miscarriage in women

High caffeine intake increases chances of sterility in men by decreasing the sperm count and making them defective. Whereas, the same caffeine in women can cause stillbirth and miscarriage.

There are many minor and major disadvantages of drinking coffee like problems if digestion, tooth decay, bad breathe and alike. But, one thing is common is all – that is consuming high quantities of coffee. Coffee can work as an advantage to human health, only when it is consumed in moderation and moderation means not more than 4 cups a day.

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