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In our environment, one of the most deficient works in the constructions are the Brick Walls, because it becomes a job that demands a large workforce, few square meters are advanced in a long time (approximately 1.5 m2 per hour), there are many wastes due to cuts; and also requires plaster up to 2.0 cm thick; due to the superficial irregularity of the walls due to the non-homogeneity of the ceramic bricks.

Technology in the world of construction is advancing by leaps and bounds; and with the appearance of new technologies and methods for construction; a new trend emerged: Accelerate the construction processes with the application of new prefabricated; in the same way it is sought that these prefabricated ones give us better finishes than the traditional materials; in addition to better features, such as: Good Resistance, Better Thermal and Acoustic Insulation.

What is Cell Concrete?

It is a Fluid and Lightweight Concrete because it contains Air Cells uniformly distributed within itself.

Are Cellular Concrete Blocks used in other countries?

The use of Cellular Concrete Blocks is widely spread in developed countries especially in Europe, and exceeds other masonry elements due to its versatility to adapt to any constructive disposition, besides being able to be built in extremely short times.

It is estimated that approximately 500,000 individual houses are built per year with this technology.

What are the advantages of using Cellular Concrete Blocks for Walls?

The main advantages are:

  • Rapid Construction

Because the blocks are light and of good size, they allow us to build more m2 in less time.

The Walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks provide superior finishes to ceramic bricks

  • Constructive Versatility

Thanks to the perfect modulation of the blocks, it is easy to adapt to any constructive arrangement required by the client. In addition to minimizing the waste of blocks due to cuts.

The versatility of the Cellular Concrete Blocks allows adapting to any constructive arrangement.

  • Constructive Advantages

The range of Cellular Concrete Blocks allows us to incorporate reinforcing steels and / or sanitary facilities through the walls.

Type “U” blocks allow the passage of longitudinal reinforcements inside the walls

  • Minimum Revocation

Walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks only require a plaster thickness of 1cm.

The walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks only require a thin plaster of 1cm.

  • Better Performance

The Wall with Cell Concrete Blocks gives us a significant saving in the execution time of works, since by comparing the construction yields for walls we have:

Wall with Cellular Concrete Blocks: 0.25 [Hr / m2]

Or Wall with Brick 6 holes: 1.50 [Hr / m2]

That is to say that in 3 hours 12 [m2] of Walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks are built; while in that same time only 2 [m2] of Wall with Bricks are built.

  • Reduction of loads

The Walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks to be a lightened product have the virtue of lessening the loads on the structure (beams, columns, and slabs); and making the comparison of weights with the traditional walls you have to:

Wall with Cellular Concrete Blocks: 131.25 [Kg / m2]

Or Wall with Bricks 6h: 180.60 [Kg / m2]

In this way the structure gets to be discharged approximately until 50 Kg for each m2 in his work.

  • Better Finishes

The walls with Cellular Concrete Blocks give us a very aesthetic surface finish without the need to use plaster.

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