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What does homeopathic actually mean?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system compared to allopathy and ayurveda on a high notch. As the claims are factual but are incompatible with scientific method the system is considered to be pseudoscientific.

After the emergence of ayurvedic medicine and some evidence of conventional medicine homeopathy came into existence around 1796. The originator of homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann who worked hard for years to prove homeopathy.

The Concept of Homeopathy

Hahnemann never believed in modern medicines as he found it irrational and inadvisable as he found them ineffective and often harmful.

He believed that it is not necessary to use an abundance of drugs to cure the disease as he believed that the use of a single drug can cure a variety of diseases that creates similar symptoms in a healthy and sick person.

He promoted an immaterial, vitalistic view of how living organisms function by using single drugs at lower doses.

He was willing to prove that if cinchona can cure malaria because it was bitter then even other medicinal substances can cure and heal a variety of diseases. He once consumed some barks specifically to look out what happens.

After some time he experienced shiver, fever and joint pains that made him believe that it is possible to produce the symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease that they treat. The patients of homeopathy were well satisfied with the outcomes of homeopaths.

Homeopathy achieved its greatest popularity in the 19th century after it was introduced to the United States. During its rise and popularity, it was highly criticized by scientists and physicians due to the lack of evidence.

But then too, dozens of homeopathic institutes were introduced worldwide in the 19th century that helped practitioners to gain all the theoretical and practical knowledge and at the end provide a BHMS degree to the practitioners.

Consultation and Preparation

The first step of homeopathy is a proper consultation. It may last for ten to fifteen minutes or can be consulted upto an hour in which every medical history of the patient is thoroughly verified and a consultation regarding your likes, dislikes, emotions, physical and mental health everything is solicited properly.

The information is gathered and matched to the drug picture that is then used to determine the appropriate homeopathic remedies. In classical homeopathy the practitioners attempt to match a single preparation to all the symptoms of the illness.

The preparation of homeopathy uses animals, plants and mineral substances including arsenic oxide, table salt and other things that ensures the accuracy of homeopathy.

The small white homeopathic pills are made of inert substance that can be typically lactose and often sugar upon which some drops of dilution are placed and are allowed to evaporate.

A variety of dilutions are prepared from the ingredients extracted from mineral and natural substances that are then used to heal the disorder by adding them in a glass of water or by pouring them on the pills and powder that are to be consumed as prescribed by the physician. They are usually lesser in dosage with three to four small white pills taken twice or thrice a day.

Homeopaths claim they can determine the properties of their preparations by a method called provings. Their provings involve administering various preparations on a healthy volunteer. They were provided with certain consumables and observed for months at a time.

They recorded all the details of their symptoms that occurred throughout the day in a journal. They were restricted from consuming spices, tea, coffee or wine and playing chess was also prohibited as it was considered too exciting. All these things helped homeopathy to claim their provings right.

If we look at the healing power of homeopathy then they are much higher than we think. Like other medication methods even homeopathy has the ability to treat a number of diseases.

It includes treatment for acne, anxiety, depression, homeopathic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and many more other chronic and acute diseases.

As they are harmless and environment-friendly they are becoming popular among the consumers.

Effectiveness of Homeopathy

The homeopathic remedies are considered to be one of the highly effective natural remedies that don’t have any adverse effect on the body.

No toxic or addictive ingredients are used in preparing the medicines and the homeopaths do not use any harsh method to cure the disorders. You don’t require any strict diet plan or meditation and exercise while treating yourself with the homeopathic pills.

They have certain features that make them an effective method of treating your symptoms.

  • The first and most important thing is that they are natural. This feature is making it immensely popular among the youths and seniors as well.
  • It is suitable for all age groups that can be a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen.
  • Another thing is that it does not have any after effects such as swelling, rashes or allergies on the body.
  • Homeopaths solicit each and every symptom in depth and then they accordingly provide the treatment for illness.
  • The medicines are non-addictive and are made from only natural substances and do not even use toxic ingredients.
  • They are easy to take and less in dosage. The medicines are available in different forms that can be in liquid, powder, tablet or pills form.
  • Homeopathy is used worldwide and the remedies are easily available in every country so that you can take the treatment anywhere.
  • They are not harmful to nature as they don’t include any substances that are harmful to the environment.


The only thing that makes homeopathy popular among the consumers is that it is sweet in taste and lesser in dose.

The concept even doesn’t believe in surgeries and tries to cure the disease by finding the root cause of the illness. The concept believes that the human body has the ability to heal the disorder along with the passage of time.

You will never get disappointed once you choose homeopathy. Therefore you can choose it without any doubt.

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