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What is a Natal Chart?

Natal Chart is based on Vedic astrology which is a primeval Indian science. It’s about the celestial connection between Planets in Sky and humans that procured the kernels of astrology.

Natal Chart has been the most imperative tool of Indian Astrology that helps in future prediction. In this article we will try to understand the purpose and the importance of it. Natal Chart can be made for the native using information like Birth time, Birth date, Birth place etc…. There are so many whys and wherefores of natal chart making. Some of the apprehensions of the people can be itemized as follows:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Children
  • Marriage
  • Health
  • Love

God has made everyone inimitable. We all have different Birth Chart which can help us in routine life. Major decisions in life should be taken after discussing your natal chart. If the time and planets are in our favor we can go ahead with any decision. Everything that we do will be set right by the planets. One should always refer to the natal chart which contains all the major and minor details of your life pattern.

How’s the Natal Chart Made?

Natal Chart is made according to the planetary positions at the time of birth of the Native. When a child is born the positions of the Stars, Sun, Moon and the planets are noted. Then a mathematical model is applied to make a chart. Birth chart comprises 12 houses. Each house signifies different aspect for ex:

  1. First House: signifies “Personality”.
  2. Second House: signifies “Fortune” and “Family”
  3. Third house: signifies “Siblings”, “Courage” and “Valor”.
  4. Fourth House: signifies “Mother” and “Happiness”
  5. Fifth House: signifies “Children” and “Knowledge’
  6. Sixth House: signifies “Enemies”, “Debts” and “Diseases”
  7. Seventh House: signifies “Marriage” and “Partnership”
  8. Eighth House: signifies “Longevity”
  9. Ninth House: signifies “Luck”, “Father” and “Religion”
  10. Tenth House:signifies “Career”.
  11. Eleventh House: signifies “Income & Gains”.
  12. Twelfth House: signifies “Expenditure & Losses”.

How Future Prediction is done by a Natal Chart?

  • Natal Chart is based on scientific designs and analytics. Every future prediction is backed up by enormous research and study.  Astrologers accomplish following phases in making and reading the horoscope:
  • The very important aspect is the Sun: Sun sign is overall “self”.
  • Another important aspect is the Moon: Moon sign is your emotions, your hidden self.
  • Rising/Ascendant: Rising sign is how you relate to other people and your personality.
  • At the time of native birth a chart is made which captures the positions of different planets. This chart is divided into 12 houses with each house having some value and meaning.
  • The Ascendant sign is then calculated, which depends on the planetary impact present when a person is born. Then its lord placement is written. All the kinds of combinations and facets on ascendant signs are noted.
  • The location of various planets like Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Rahu & Ketu etc. is noted. Position of the sun along with the sign and nakshatras of moon are noted.
  • Lordship and placement of different houses are then examined.
  • The system that is followed to make predictions is called the Vimshotri dasha system. This is the system which predicts the happening of a particular event in life. It continues till the end of life of the native, right from his birth.
  • Vimshotri dasha is further broken down into two subdivisions: Mahadasha(Great Period) & Antardasha(Sub Period). Any Antardasha are further broken down into 9 sub periods called as pratyantar dasha.
  • Navamsa charts are also seen for accurate predictions.

After correlating all of the above aspects the final reading or future prediction is  given by the Astrologer.

Purpose of Natal Chart

Natal Chart can be used in daily life to seek supervision. We will discuss some benefits of Natal Chart astrology and how they can help us in our day to day life.  Astrology can be beneficial in the following way if used correctly on daily basis:

  • Checking Compatibility in Relationships.
  • Understanding People, especially you.
  • Financial Management.
  • Makes the person Confident and Firm.
  • Makes you attentive and aware.
  • Guides you in your career path.
  • Helps you to be cautious about your health.

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