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What is Digital Music Industry?

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Indian Digital Music Industry has grown tremendously in recent years. As the world second most populated country and having numerous movie industry, and music lovers, India have potential to have such growth. Although there were the development of smartphone and high speed data providing so many companies, absolutely india is a potential market. So in just simple, what is digital music industry?…

We know, before the digital era, the music industry has sold the songs just by cassets, tapes etc. In simple, digital music industry is the music to be distributed the audio songs online. There is no any physical storage for such digital products, instead, with the help of online player, the users can listen and enjoy music. The user may or may not save the music in their physical storage. India having slow in this field as the high speed internet launched in india very late as compared to many european and latin american countries. 

As data getting much more cheaper in india, the digital music industry has grown much more rapid and revenue from the source has increased. The total music industry revenues in India grew from Rs 570.7 crore in 2016 to Rs 725.6 crore in 2017, and 27% of the revenue of 2017 grown in 2018.

Factors while growing the digital music industry In India

This industry showing  positive growth in india because of the two factors mainly. Much more streaming of music consumed by the smartphone users in india recently.

  • Increased data availability in cheap rate.
  • Increased smartphone usage (Cheap and best available in the market.)

Expecting much more growth in coming years as well since the mobile data industry has become very tight in competition to give maximum offers to the customers by the service providers.

Music streaming is the future of music since getting high quality original music streaming online. In india, the traditional music streamers like gaana and saavn getting huge investment to enlarge their services in coming years. Gaana have 60 million regular users for monthly and are targeting 200 million users in coming years. And same much more users for saan too.

New product or service in india like apple music and google music also charging subscription fee for their streaming music services add some more increment for the revenue whole to indian digital music industry. Each and every mobile service providers like airtel, Jio, vodafone etc have their own streaming apps boosts the growth of digital music industry in india. Airtel own the music streaming app wynk, and reliance’s Jio music app having millions of users since they have huge customer base.

One super power giant that have huge impact on the growth of digital music industry is the amazon prime music. They have deal with the biggest music companies in india like T- series, Times music, Tips music, and sony music. All these top level services have their own music library having millions of songs in collection. Spotify is the well known global leader in the world digital music industry, but haven’t yet started their services in india and news from the desk shows, they are planning to have a good market in india soon, much more expectation in growing digital music in india. 

Music Apps For smartphones

As we know the importance of smartphone apps whether it is android platform, iOS platform have profound space in the growth of the scalability of people everyday life. Very easy to use apps for streaming music online have remarkable involvement in india digital music industry. No need to go for web browsers, typing website address in address bar, instead having download apps and installed on smartphone. Very easy to open the apps and selecting music or songs categories to play the songs. A man having a little technical knowledge can operate these apps very well.

Pop up notification from these apps will inform the users while new releases are there. So when each and every update in the music library, a pop up notification will be created so that the user will know the notification. This is good for growing the india digital music.

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