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What is SEO? Why It Is A Hard Career and Who Fits It The Most?

 Seo is the acronym of “Search engine optimization”, it means the action of growing the quantity and quality of traffic to your blog or website through organic search engine results.

However, SEO is not something which you can study at most colleges and universities, and most of those SEO experts studied this domain from online courses and became experts by their individual experiences. However, if you ask any SEO professional about his learning experience , he will definitely admit that the path is windy at best.

Why people are not considering to start their education and careers in SEO? There are a few possible reasons.

1- It’s too dynamic.

Although working on internet and on websites is too popular these days, a career in SEO is almost interchangeable with being a Google expert, which is no easy task. Google releases multiple major and minor algorithm updates every year and every month so there’s a lot of things to keep track of. Therefore, due to the constantly changing algorithmic updates and ranking factors, it is impossible to set books and rules for teaching SEO at a college level.

2- It’s hard to measure.

SEO is an organic practice which is so hard to be measured and harder to manipulate. Its metrics and tools are vital components of day-to-day SEO practice. However, there is really no industry standard to which you should or not be using, aside from Google Analytics.

3- It’s case by case. The “best practices” and technological standards of SEO are changing every year and every month, so it is so hard and impossible to teach any sort of how-to course. Moreover, no two SEO clients are alike.

4 Reasons to Consider a Career in SEO

However, there are four main reasons which encourage people to consider a career in SEO. Therefore, if you have such qualities, you will have a chance to be a SEO expert:

1) You love words

Some consider english and journalism degrees as useless majors. However, persons studying those majors have big opportunities to make a media team members and develop contents for websites if they learn the real SEO and its conditions. In few words, we can ensure that SEO involves writing well and ability to communicate to search engines and humans.

2) You’re a “digital citizen”

SEO is progressing further and further, and it is into being an integrated discipline, like the recent Twitter-Google partnership, Facebook’s steady implementation of Graph Search updates and many others. Therefore, if you are passionate about digitals and have a thirst for knowledge, you may find your passion in the expansive world of SEO.

3) You’re analytical

 Although words are a key component of SEO development, data and numbers are important too. If you have an analytical thinking which is a habit not a lesson to learn, SEO may be right for you.

4) You’ve got an eye for design

 SEO doesn’t depend on technical structure only, but also on the look, feel, user experience, and content. And obviously, content. You may have a perfectly optimized product page, but it also need perfect design to see real results. For this reason, web developers and designers also play a crucial role in the career of SEO.

To have a great website which fits all the requirements od SEO, you need to have a talented team with perfect backgrounds, talents, and personality traits.

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