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What is the main criterion to build up a successful love relationship?

Hi, the dearest and nearest friend of mine – the one of my loving as well as zealous, passionate, crazy readers who is immersing him or herself and is making him or herself busy by reading this very new article written by me in this very moment, how are you? How are you doing now days? Were you missing me? Oh, come on don’t tell me a lie. I know it undoubtedly and potently that you have a profound love for my attractive, captivating and informational write ups from the beginning. Hence you love me and were missing me as well (which rejuvenates me always). Ok, ok, now it’s the time for celebration, elation and felicitation. Because, it’s over! Arre! I want to say that period of missing is over. You don’t have to wait now. No need for anticipation now. I am just in front of you with my newest write up – that is – what is the main criterion to build up a successful love relationship? Hey, don’t get so excited and egger. Cool down dear; go through to the remaining part of the article calmly and peacefully.

download-1Oh my darling reader let me tell you about a nitty gritty. That is this typos friend of yours has signed a treaty (which is absolutely incorporate) to yield you unique, captivating articles regularly – which will be engulfed with lots and lots of important, helpful suggestions, tips, knowledge Etc. They will entertain you surely. But that is not the only thing to do. They will be given some other tasks as well. They will help you out to live a tension free life. They will encourage you to emphasize on your self – trust. They will yield you so many incorporate materials which will elevate you as a glorious worrier – a laureate rather – in the ground or field of life actually. Yes, yes, yes. Believe me. It’s true.

Ok, now I should come to the point – we all are human beings. We have hearts – which are the containers, engulfed with many kinds of feelings and emotions – as a matter of fact. Love is a name of a special kind of feeling or emotion actually. We feel it. We give it and want the same as a return gift also. That’s why we try to find out a lover, soul mate, a life partner. Some of us have some typecasts for the inmates of the hearts, some of us are very much open minded. And don’t have such things at all.


I can tell you a real story of a film star. He was zealous about those ladies only, who had brown coloured eyes. All of his girl friends and the wife herself had the same characteristic. All of them had brown coloured eyes.

Actually, those ladies – who had brown coloured eyes and possessed the same mental structures as owed by the said film star himself, became the inmates of his heart.

I am going to say about a cricketer also. He vowed that he would get marry with someone who supposed to be own a tall figure which would harmonize with his sportsman like physic accurately.  But God had some other plans for him. His wife is not so tall at all. But the cricketer loves him a lot. He is tropically enticed to her.Because both of this bridal couple owns the exactly same mental structure as a matter of fact.

Yes, the main criterion to build up a successful love relationship with some body of the planet earth is to become the owner of the same mentality and the same mental structure as well.  This is really the most essential element which acts in the canter part of this very particular field of love relationship.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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