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What Is the Sieve Are Using for?


Probably you have heard the word “Sieve”. But do you know what this is and what is the use of Sieve? If not, then you are in right place. In this article, I am going to write about it. So read the article until the end and after reading this article I hope you will know what is the sieve and what is the sieve are using for. So without further talk, let’s get started.

What is Sieve?

If I define it very shortly then I will say it is a device that is used to separate the wanted elements from the unwanted elements. This process is used first in Egypt to size the grains. Then it was made from grass and reed.

However, nowadays, it is not just a device, it is a process. This is a process of separating solids from the liquid or separating coarse materials from the fine materials. And this process is now not only using to size grain rather its use is now universal for versatile work. From kitchen to the pharmaceutical industry.

So let’s have a look at the uses of the sieve. I hope you have got the basic idea of the sieve or sieve process, right?

The uses of sieve

As I said earlier, there are a lot of uses of sieve right now, here are some common uses.

Kitchen use

In most cases, the sieve is used in the kitchen and that is why most of the people put this device in the kitchen and dining category. Basically, it is used to sift dry elements into the boiled water. Other than that, it comes with many sizes that are able to perform different types of work.

Some sieves come with a flat shape that are used to remove hot liquid from a pan that contains cooked pasta, vegetables, and other types of large food.

In addition, some small meshed sieves are used to drain lighter fluids in order to retain elements like fruit seeds. Additionally, some have so small holes that you cannot see it in open eyes. These sieves are perfect for fine particles.

Food industry use

Food industries also use the sieve. The reason is that they have to filter sugar, salt, gourmet powder, alkali, starch, yeast powder, milk powder, food additive, pollen, juice, bean milk, etc. to make sure that the customers get the best-finished food.

Chemical industry use

Not only food industries use sieves but also there is a great use of sieves in the chemical industry. They use it to filter resin pigment, grease, medicine, palette, paint, etc.

Ceramic and Abrasive material industry use

In addition, the Ceramic and Abrasive material industry use sieve because they have to filter building sand, alumina, abrasive, mica, slurry, refractory material, etc.

Paper-making industry use

That’s not all. For filtering coated slurry paper, wastewater reclamation, exhaust liquid, and making liquid paper-maker industry also use the sieve for commercial use.

Other industries use

As you can see, there are a lot of uses of the sieve. From the kitchen to large industries use it.  Additionally, some Metallurgy, as well as the mining industry, use it for filtering quartz sand, titanium oxide, ore, zinc oxide, and other ingredients. Also, some Mechanical industries use the sieve for straining casting sand, electromagnetic material powder metallurgy, and other metal powder.

Final verdicts

Sieve is a simple device. But it has a broad use. But the process and the goal is the same. It is used for filtering the large elements from small elements or from the liquid. It is a very useful device and now people all over the world are using this.

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