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What is the treatment of Kidney failure?

Kidney failure is a drastic situation when your kidneys are unable to filter waste products from your blood. And healthy kidneys have a huge role in the proper functioning of your body. India has progressed a lot in terms of the medical field and because of that now kidney failure is not a death sentence. In this article, I have tried mentioning all the necessary information about the causes and treatment for Kidney failure. Keep reading to know more about Urology treatments in India.

Causes of Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure occurs when there’s a sudden loss of blood flow to your kidneys. So some conditions that can cause loss of blood flow to the kidneys may include the following:

– A heart attack

– Heart Disease

– Dehydration

– An allergic reaction

– Severe Infection

– Diabetes

Best and effective treatments for Kidney Failure

In case of kidney failure, one can choose three treatments listed below to channel your blood and assume control over a little piece of the work your harmed kidneys can presently don’t do.

  1. Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis replaces a piece of your kidney work, in this treatment, your blood goes through a channel outside your body and a similar channel is gotten back to your body. Yet, before you start with hemodialysis you need to go through a minor medical procedure to make a pathway for vascular access (A place on your body where you embed needles to permit your blood to move from and return similar blood in your body at the hour of dialysis)

Advantages of Hemodialysis Treatment 

– Dialysis centers are widely available in many parts of the country

– Trained medical staff accompanies you all times and help provide the treatment

– You can be in touch with other people going under hemodialysis treatment

 Disadvantages of Hemodialysis Treatment 

– As hemodialysis treatment sets aside some effort to measure, so the longer time between medicines implies you will have more limitations on diet and fluids—since wastes and additional liquid can develop in your body.

– Having an excess of liquid in your blood can raise your pulse and stress your heart. And removing too much fluid too fast during standard hemodialysis also can stress the heart.

  1. Peritoneal Dialysis 

Peritoneal Dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that utilizes the coating of your abdomen to channel your blood inside your body. During Peritoneal Dialysis a purifying liquid courses through a cylinder which is otherwise called a catheter into part of your abdomen. The coating of your abdomen goes about as a channel and eliminates waste products from your blood.

Advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis

– Needle-free treatment

– No need to visit a dialysis center for treatment

– Provides continuous therapy which acts more like natural kidneys

Disadvantages of Peritoneal Dialysis 

– Requires a permanent catheter outside the body

– Increases the risk of infections

– Need ample space for pieces of equipment and PD machine

  1. Kidney Transplant

A kidney Transplant is surgery to implant a working transplanted kidney into your body. The transplanted kidney does better functioning and makes a superior showing sifting squanders and keeping you solid than dialysis, yet it isn’t a fix. At the point when you have a transfer, specialists typically leave your old kidneys set up and associate the gave kidney to a corridor and a vein in your crotch. The transplanted kidney assumes control over the work of separating your blood.

Advantages of Kidney Transplantation

– Better quality of life

– Do not require hours of dialysis treatment

– Fewer dietary restrictions

Disadvantages of Kidney Transplantation

– Involves surgery which increases the risk of infections

– Chances of complications in surgery

How to decide which treatment is suitable for me? 

– Focus on what is important to you

– Analyze and talk about it with your family which treatment can make the situation easier.

– Consult experienced doctors via Mediflam


Currently, Medical tourism in India has progressed in many ways, and in coming years will be more advancements in medicine and treatments that will benefit people in a much faster way. And Feel free to visit Mediflam for detailed information about treatments for kidney failure.


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