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What Makes the New Age Art Sales Work Better

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To enter the market with the status of “work of art”, an object should be unique or, if it is not, it should be rare. But in order to extend the categorization of “artistic” outside the traditional definition, mechanisms of control of rarity must be established. In general, the antique painting market is based on works that are neither signed nor dated, and whose identification requires a long documentary work. In the case of modern painting, it is not sheltered from false works, and the admiration aroused by certain artists -such as Van Gogh, for example- contributes to multiplying them. Expert work needs to escape commercial initiatives, which compromise the independence of the scholars, and the bustle of the battle between the “healers”. One can always try the online art gallery.

Anticipating the various transformations

Any change of attribution becomes a monetary event and can eventually be the starting point of a judicial action. Here is an ethical dilemma that the experts face. What about contemporary art? The expertise of contemporary works does not refer to the authenticity of the work with respect to its true author, but to the authenticity of its existence in Abstract Paintings, which is not independent of the social recognition of the author and the artist. The certification of contemporary art is not given by the attribution as in cataloged art but as validation in artistic product. In other words, the contemporary art expert cannot ignore the position of an artist in the national and international scene or his reputation, resulting from the accumulated credits from the interpretation of his work, from the evaluations issued by the world of art, and market considerations.

Understanding the proper valuation of the art

What is appraisal or valuation? This question becomes very important in the case of canvas painting for sale. It is the technique of price forecasting (valuation and valuation are synonyms). The lawyers continue to believe – as reflected in laws, jurisprudence and doctrine, explicitly or implicitly – that there is a fair price, of a different nature and clearly distinguishable from prices that are fair or speculative. The comparison is the technique par excellence in the price forecast. Therefore, it is important that the person who advises on the price and valuation is a professional not involved in the commercial circuit, since their information will not be conditioned by the interests of many “art healers” where a client is told that their work is not worth it, or it is worth little simply because it is not of your interest.

The devaluation of the replicas

The original work is more important than the replica made by the artist himself when it comes to canvas art for sale. As for the sculptures, the important distinction is the main distinction between direct carving sculpture with unique products, and foundry sculpture. In this last case it is from an original that dozens of bronze copies are made, all authentic, since they have the same origin, but they are not original.

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