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What makes us desire living in lavish hotels? Here’s what Claridges Chairman Suresh Nanda has to say!

Staying over in a luxurious hotel room is something we all fancy! The comfortable beds, steaming bath tubs and soaked in rose petals, balconies cordoning the madness of the city, terraces that boast a picture-perfect skyline —speaking of which we already are dreaming our next getaway.

While talking to the Chairman of Claridges, Suresh Nanda, who has been in the hospitality business for more than two decades now, he tells about what makes a hotel experience distinct and what do guests indulge in the most (which is more than our guilty pleasures of scooping fancy smelling hotel toiletries).

Suresh Nanda himself makes frequent visits to the Claridges which is located in Lutyens, Delhi, and has a habit of getting into effortless conversations with his hotel visitors, asking them if their stay was pleasant. He lists down their essential comments which help make his guests stay at the hotel all the more pleasant and comfortable.

The first and foremost thing that differentiates a luxury hotel from that of its more affordable counterparts is squeegeed and neat rooms for stay and personalised service to each guest. Endorsing it quite proudly, the famous hotelier says that here Claridges practices what it preaches — which is maintaining the highest standards personalised service, cleanliness and hygiene, so that the stay isn’t just pleasurable but memorable as well.

The Second thing which makes it to the list of To Do’s is quite expectedly—The food

Food is central to everyone’s interest undoubtedly, and fine dining experience leaves memories that make people want to visit the hotel again. Claridges boasts of a number of restaurants such as Sevilla, Dhaba, Pickwicks that often make it to the top of the city’s fine dining list.

The Vibe and

Having avid interest in luxury and hospitality, Suresh Nanda, who has visited several hotels all across the world, certainly agrees that every hotel speaks differently. “’Each hotel has a vibe, and it constantly tries to offer something fresh and bold to the travellers who crave good experiences.” Talking about hotel Claridges, Delhi, the hotelier says that Claridges is one of the best colonial hotels in the country with a blend of modern iterations of luxury with vintage recalling.

“As the travellers today are changing, so is our way of catering to them. Staying at the hotel should be a worthy escape for people, with the implicit assurance that we are here to look after their needs in a holistic fashion,” asserts Suresh Nanda.

“Providing accommodation isn’t just about a temporary place to be in, it’s about treating you with the best experience and service so that you have an unforgetful experience and cherish your memories with us,” he adds.

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