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What the style of his/her cuddle says about the trait and nature of your spouse?

There is a melodious Hindi film song – very popular, and the song is –‘Tu mere samne’ from one of Sharukh Khan’s block bluster hits of 90’s – ‘Darr’. In this song, there is a particular line and that is – ‘tere julphon se khelunga main, tujh ko banho may le lunga mai’ In this particular of the lines of the song, the obsessed lover hero had expressed his great desire, cravings, and appetence to give his dream girl a tight hug, a cuddle, an embrace actually as one of the definite signs of his serious crush to her.

Yes, a cuddle, a hug, an embrace is one of the symbols of a love affair. But not only that. It can play a vital role to revel the real characteristics of a man or a woman very diligently. It will give you so many informations about the real nature of your spouse accurately by flit it up in front of you in a very genteelly manner. –

anigif_enhanced-612-1414525355-11)     If he is trying to wrap you from your back side, then, it means he wants to yield you protection, security and obviously a warm, firm shelter. You can rely on him without any kind of hesitation or straddle.

2)     If he (a tall one) touches the top of your head with his head (while he is blanketing you) diligently, then you both are too close, intimate, comfortable and engulfed with the sense of camaraderie to each other.

3)     If your spouse covers you and at the same time he wants to peep into your eyes (without breaking the interlock), then he loves you tropically, deeply and profoundly.

4)     If he catches you whenever you expect a cuddle from you, then you have to understand that he is enthralled by your splendid, captivating, dazzling, radiant personality and misses you always!

5)     You go in for a cuddle and get one armed hug – it’s very disappointing for you. No? Yes, it is. He doesn’t love you and dislikes embracing you. Don’t blaspheme him but don’t yield him a hug again.

6)     If he is playful and cozy with you and wants to the resemblance of yours and is willing see your giggling, smiling face again and again and loves you tremendously – by going beyond each of the limits, then he can twirl you around.

7)                  He, who is whimsical and doesn’t want to let you go away from him and wants to live with you, wants to enjoy life with you to the fullest extent, holds you firmly, tightly and strongly.

8)                  If he is in a hurry but wants to yield you a splash of his ample appetency, then you can get a hasty, quick cuddle from your prince charming.

9)                  If he is squeezing you very tightly yet for a shorter period of time, then he is phenomenally enticed to you, has a venturesome of physical strength but really in a hurry.  

10)               If you are a man and she is your lady love and puts your hands in her pockets, she is willing to flaunt up her rely to you.

11)               He is hugging you but by maintaining a distance, he doesn’t love you.

12)               If he takes you in his arms and starts dancing – he is a crazy lover indeed.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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