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What to Do When You Can’t Find Your Favourite Clothes?

Are you tired of not finding the perfect style for you or the perfect fit for you? Sick of travelling from shop to shop trying to find pieces that look satisfying? Well then, these solutions are just for you. For those of you who do not like traditional shopping or find it lacking the choices you prefer, there are other ways to get the kind of clothes you like. Take a look at the following to find out.

Online Shopping

This is the next solution for most people who do not like traditional shopping or simply don’t have the time to run on shopping trips. Online shopping is convenient and easy and you don’t have to even move from the comfort of your bed or sofa to get your favourite pieces to you. Unlike traditional shopping online shopping allows you to check out a larger number of choices and find out what you refer. With a little bit of extra browsing you will be able to find the clothes that match your style.


Couldn’t find the perfect outfit but still want to try out traditional shopping? Go to the nearest thrift store. These are the perfect place to find large number of pieces where you can try out and buy. Although it is infrequent that the pieces you find in thrift stores coming in multiple sizes, you will certainly have multiple number of choices to try out. If you are someone who is still trying to find your style, this is also the perfect opportunity. Since thrift stores will have all kinds of clothing that are not limited to a particular style, you can try out different pieces at the same place and choose what you prefer.


For those who cannot find the right fit alerting can be a good solution. If you find a piece that you really like, the colour and the design being exactly what you had in mind, but the available sizes do not fit you, then you can try altering them a little. All you have to do is get the closes size to yours and try a little altering. You can either do it yourself if you are confident about your stitching skills or find a seamstress to do it for you. But keep in mind altering does not work for every piece of clothing and that sometimes even a little bit altering can change the design of the piece.

Custom Made

There is no better way to get the exact piece you want than custom made clothing. If you see your fashion icon wearing something that you really want to try out, why not get it custom made just for you. Search online or ask for a dressmaker near me and let them see the design you want. The best thing about custom made clothing is the dressmakers can recreate your dream clothes with the exact designs, colour, material and your size requirements as well.

Remember when you are shopping for new clothes, you don’t always have to stick to the popular method. Try out these alternatives and you will get to own pieces you will love.

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