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The most important field of world and every human kind depends on one thing to get, to satisfy, or to fulfill the deeds of everyone .so all is going to be business .what exactly the business is and how it’s going on to the peak day by day.  Usually people make themselves to attain with things that are availed from the business. Even starting from a tooth paste up to the expensive car, is stick with the business. Peoples depend on things and it can be obtained from the source that stands as business. Exactly it is a cycle created for the consumers to make everything under control and profitable. The ancient business was really a makeable one because; people got the things by exchanging of goods both importing and exporting, to the fact that was called as business on those days. Then from where the money comes into the business. From ancient India formed the coins that are valuable and slowly along with the revolution of the world the currency has made. This revolution of world has made a great impact on technology and and it transformed to the business. Where the people stands there the business exits. From 20th century the peoples are found mostly on digi5tal platform because of the internet and online facility. Now everything has been digitalized using technology and internet. Then why not in business? Thedigital marketing is the trending root on business as for now. Starting from the existing of internet upto date filpkarts big billion days was made on digital marketing.


Nothing doubt in that Marketing is the backbone of every business and that is the purpose mainly for what the business and that is the purpose mainly for what the business is meant for. It has to reach to consumer. Actually, people those do business invest good amount of money in order to acquire new customers day by day but, condition on another side customers focus on retaining something that they have already acquired and personalize their experience. And ifgoes either both Merchandiser and customer depend on each of them. As heart, digital marketing point out the internal which has become both communication vehicle and a powerful medium as the latest tool.

Now Revolution has been found everywhere and every place. So why not in marketing? That’s why it goes with “DIGITAL MARKETING”. May be the marketing be a backbone of business, but the internet stands behind the Digital Marketing. So, giving out more space to internet and technology leads to the boon of Digital Market in economy. The CMO Survey found that thousands of top marketers twice a year to look for marketing trends over time and they found optimistic marketers has increased. This increased optimism is based on positive perception of consumer trend. And the consumers today totally stick with technology and internet. So, the concept of digital marketing means recognizing the online nature of customer relationship and deploying a story Digital Marketing strategy……

Online business and shopping made the digital marketing more sensitive. And when customer needs to get products they totally depend on advertisement and so the introduction of online metrics, like click through rate(CTR) and cost per acquisition(CPA) by online advertise has made it easy for marketing managers to justify online ad spending. And this digital marketing is a term that mostly well defined, encompassing things like banner advertising, search engine optimization(SEO) and per click including with RSS, voice broad cast,  broad cast, video streams, pod casting, blogging, wireless text messaging and instant messaging. To me aware of that each digital marketing technology is different and they cannot all provide the same types of reports. In fact digital marketing is statically evolving and new technologies are being created all of the time.

And to be noticed that if people found in internet then most of them would be in social media and market slowly goes here. Because it automatically reaches the people whether they want or not. The Marketing have dramatically shifted to rise of Social media and its devices, platforms and application. And he personalization of customer and merchant are typing to communicate safely through social media and we can listen and respond faster, then even before. At the same time this faster and personalization offers more new opportunities and challenges for marketers with digital marketing it is easy to fall behind. Only digital marketing will access the organization to the social media and digital marketing strategy helps to identify areas of improvement through a combination of case studies, exercises, strategies for finding, engaging and it helps to leave a concrete application for the business. Also this program is especially useful for individuals from small to medium. Sized business who wants to use new media as a vehicle for growth.

So it shows that digital marketing can bring customer to sellers, along with power of search engine optimization, paid search, social media, and online advertising. it reflect that if technology and electronic media increases then we find more space for the marketing. (e.g.: tablets, laptop, note etc..,) these channels in a way that support digital marketing and discovering of social media monitoring and data analysis can be to improve marketing and product improvement activities. The future is fully going to ruled and activated by the technology and internet, because already many of the reforms have been achieved among the society. Everything is digitalized and people moving on with the internet world and even many of health consultation are made through online. Businesses that thrive online today will be able to master the challenging intricacies and coveted strategies of digital marketing success. it is true that trend of marketing have changed dramatically with help of social network and proliferation of devices ,applications. The customers are trying to communicate with merchants and they can easily connected with the customers and it fall as user friendly program to make better products and improvements in the business. The social media is useful for small to medium business who wants to use new media as a vehicle of growth. In that sense the digital media marketing is found as great tool for the future business in the field of digital world 

Survey of marketers & service providers:

Capturing now:


Search (seo& keyword)-72%

Mobile marketing -50%

Online display advertisement-50%


News paper& magazine-91%

Direct mail-55%

Broad cast (TV& radio)-54%

So, these are the status according to the 2013 survey. The more the technology grows then more we lose something behind. The way of digital marketing is the innovative business technique and it has to develop according to benefits of the customers and at same time it should stand as a pillar for the growth of country’s economy.



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