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What’s So Great About Vape Juice with 0 Nicotine?

Vapers vape for a whole lot of reasons. It is relaxing and generally cathartic. It allows them to unwind and reflect. It gives them an opportunity to sample new and interesting flavors. Creating giant clouds of vapor is also an amusing and pleasant pastime. In addition, some vapers vape to get a nicotine fix – but not all of them. In fact, some vapers specifically seek out vape juices with 0 nicotine.

So the question then is, why would a vape user want to get into vaping, or keep vaping, for that matter, if you remove the nicotine from the e-liquid? When you consider that a lot of vapers only vape to get away from the harmful effects of cigarettes, this can seem a little more than a bit confusing. Yet, believe it or not, there is a very good reason for it. 

For one thing, though the health effects of cigarettes are well known and attested, nicotine is not free of causing harm. In addition to being addictive, which is something that vapers might want to avoid on principle, nicotine is actually implicated in a number of harmful health effects, just like cigarettes. 

Nicotine (and thus nicotine vape juice) can cause high blood pressure and an increased heart rate, may adversely affect concentration, and may contribute to hardening of the arteries. In addition to these, nicotine has been suggested to cause a number of other health impairments, although evidence for these is still forthcoming. 

Even if you weren’t sold on the idea that nicotine is categorically bad for you, there are some other very material reasons to pick out a vape juice with 0 nicotine, and these facts are not up for debate. It basically all comes down to one thing – if a vape juice blend has nicotine in it, that nicotine in the blend takes up physical space in the blend.

That simple fact has some pretty big impacts on the rest of the vaping experience. You see, nicotine-free vape juices have no nicotine (obviously) which means they have more room for the other things that the blend contains. Namely, these things are vegetable glycerin, which is also known as VG, and the flavoring agents that are contained in the blend. 

Not only can vapers avoid the side effects of nicotine by using a vape juice that has none, but they can enjoy better, stronger flavors and bigger clouds, and here’s why.

For one thing, without nicotine, there will be more room in the blend for the flavoring agents. That will allow vapers to enjoy the flavors all the more; in addition, vaping without nicotine leaves a lot of room for VG and propylene glycol, the additives that produce the clouds in the blend. This will give capers the ability to create bigger clouds and savor stronger flavors. 

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